The owners of 120 Hilton Place have taken off the asbestos siding and painted the house nicely.  Tuesday night they came to the Design Review Committee with plans for  new a porch also. Turned posts and balusters will make a huge difference. Great news for the neighborhood!
Here is how it looked in 2008:

Here it is today:

 Before the crash the city purchased 116 and 140 N. Channing in hopes of getting them rehabbed to improve the saleability of the new homes proposed for the Channing Y site.  The city offered to give 140 N. Channing to GPA to rehab but we did not have enough money to do it.  They gave it to Habitat for Humanity and it was rehabbed nicely.  For a time the city considered making 116 N. Channing into the new ROPE officer house but did not. Recently the city also gave 116 N. Channing to Habitat and it has been rehabbed nicely.  Here is the before picture:

Here it is today:

Habitat for Humanity bought 484 Division.  Here it is in 2008:

Here it is today:

An investor bought 424 Prairie after it was foreclosed upon.  She rehabbed it and it is currently for sale for $187,000.
Here it is in 2008:

Here it is today:

Elgin recently had three winners in the Painted Ladies contest.  
Two of them are in the Histoirc District.  We also had two last year. I knew 359 Park  would get the Grand Champion award.  Here it is as it looked originally.  Thanks goes out to the Historical Society for the picture.

Here it is in the 70's:
Here it is today with all the original elements restored:

12 Rugby Place was the Historic District's second winner in the Painted Ladies contest.  Here it is in 1980:
 Here it is today:

Click here to see a slide show of all of this year's Painted Ladies contest winners.

12 Rugby should have won in the Painted Ladies contest:
Here it is in 1980:

 Here it is with a new paint job: 

 59 Park Row was the Larkin Home for troubled youth for decades.  They recently left and the house was sold.  The new owner has already added a nice paint job.  Here it is as it originally looked: (Thanks again to the Historical Society for the picture) 

Here it is today:

I'm sure we have forgotten some so reply to this e-mail to make suggestions for the next issue. 

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