Recent Changes to Bike Lane Striping 
Resulting From Road and Traffic Improvements
Dear University Hills community,

We are grateful for the broad community engagement on the recent changes to road striping as well as on the larger University Hills Transportation Study (UHTS) Your involvement is helping to make University Hills a better place for you and your neighbors.
As promised, the ICHA CEO & President Victor Van Zandt, HRB Chair Hobart Taylor, former University Hills Transportation Task Force UHTTF members Mike McNally and Steve Cauffman, ICHA VP of Community Development Andrew Herndon, and ICHA Asset Manager Ron Reid met on August 30 to review the progress of the implementation of the UHTS and to discuss the concerns raised by the community regarding the elimination of bike lanes on Gabrielino and Owen. 
In late July, ICHA directed the road slurry and striping contractor to implement recommendations A.6, A.19, & A.22 of the UHTS (see links to the study, appendix, and wikimapping results below). This resulted in the elimination of the bike lanes on both Gabrielino and Owen and precipitated the recent conversation. 
In keeping with the guiding principles of the UHTS (listed on Page 4), it was agreed that the three recommendations (A.6, A.19, & A.22) should be evaluated  now  instead of at program completion. The former UHTTF members recommended ICHA ask the transportation engineering firm that helped draft the report  to re-assess the assumptions  of these recommendations with a  priority on pedestrians and bicycles  over parking needs .
Once the engineering firm has responded, the HRB (with input from former UHTTF members) will review the results and make a recommendation back to ICHA. In the meeting, ICHA committed to effect recommended changes as soon as technically possible, perhaps by early October depending on their complexity.
In keeping with ICHA's and the HRB’s desire to facilitate resident c ommunication and awareness,  it was agreed that a UHTS information booth be placed at the Fall Fiesta on October 14 at Gabrielino Park. A former UHTTF member will be there to  personally answer questions  from community members about this or other issues arising from the report and its implementation. ICHA management and HRB board members will be in adjacent booths to assist with questions as well.  Paper copies of the report will be available to review at the UHTS booth.

Victor Van Zandt, ICHA CEO & President
Hobart Taylor, HRB Chair
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