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Policies and Practice 

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with an understanding of the various aspects and issues relating to officer misconduct, internal affairs investigations, and the agency discipline process. An effective officer discipline process requires a credible investigation conducted without bias and in accordance with professional practices, agency policy, and current laws. This class delivers useful information for evaluating agency policies and procedures, as well as for defining the role of the agency chief executive, the internal affairs investigator, and police unions in the discipline process.
Concepts such as causes of officer misconduct, administration of positive (corrective rather than punitive) discipline, the impact of labor laws and the role of police unions, the impact of court decisions and state/federal laws on the discipline process, management of internal affairs investigations, and management of the internal affairs process will all be discussed.
After taking this training, participants will be able to:
  • Employ a systematic method to assemble a case file and conduct an investigation
  • Understand the critical importance of establishing an effective complaint acceptance process
  • Understand the difference between rules of engagement for administrative and criminal investigations, and why a "wall of separation" is necessary during IA investigations
  • Assess the value of an agency's early warning/identification process to proactively identify and address potential problems
  • Understand the investigation of a police shooting or in-custody death, and the internal affairs investigator's role
  • Understand the different types of misconduct cases and their impact on the internal affairs process
  • Learn about recent legal decisions affecting internal affairs investigations

Mr. Courtemanche is a practicing attorney with over 20 years of experience in the law enforcement field on the state and local level.  Mr. Courtemanche spent approximately 15 years as Assistant City Attorney/Police Legal Advisor to the Tallahassee Police Department, providing advice and counsel to the Department on personnel, criminal, policy, and administrative issues, and represented the Department in forfeiture litigation and other litigation matters. In addition, he spent 6 years as an Assistant General Counsel with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, prosecuting disciplinary cases on law enforcement and correctional officers for the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.  Mr. Courtemanche has taught Internal Affairs for over 15 years, having lectured for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Executive Institute and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  

All members of the criminal justice and legal community. Training is especially valuable for internal affairs investigators and command and supervisory personnel in the law enforcement discipline who may be involved in the investigation or discipline of law enforcement or correctional personnel.  
  • LOCATION:    
    Ocala Police Department

    402 South Pine Avenue

    Ocala, Florida 34471

    Monday, August 20, 2018

    Class starts at 8:00 AM Sharp - and ends at 5:00 PM (local time) 

    Business casual attire  
  • COST:        $199.00 per person
          Includes instruction, class materials, and certificate of completion
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    Please note that if you do not attend, you are still responsible for payment.
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