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3470 [JOURNAL] Graduation Memories; 1922 Hollywood High School Graduation Scrapbook.
Hooper, Margaret.
New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1922. Hardcover. 189 pages. 23.5 x 15 cm. An in-depth look at a young woman's "best days" at Hollywood High in 1922. This scrapbook... (#3470)
Price: $325.00  
3477 [TEXTILES] My Own Kenmore Sewing Scrap Book.
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
Sears, Roebuck and Co., c. 1960. Wraps. Unpaginated [20pp.] 22 x 28 cm. Sewing instructional book filled with completed assignments. Handwritten instructions along with completed pieces of work, pinned in... (#3477)
Price: $325.00  
3478 [TEXTILES} Tailor's Garment Construction Models From Sewing Course.
c. 1930. 32 x 25 cm. closed - 49 x 32 cm. opened. Unique handmade folder housing the work of a tailor, most likely the sample pieces for a customer's... (#3478)
Price: $285.00  
Patons & Baldwins Ltd.
Alloa, Scotland & Halifax, England: Patons & Baldwins Ltd., 1936-1937. Stiff boards. 12 panels. 24 x 15.5 closed. "P & B" Brand Knitting Wools was a leading British manufacturer of... (#3517)
Price: $275.00  
3516 [COMMUNITY COOKBOOK] Michigan State Federation Cook Book.
Weaver, Sarah Marshall (Compiled by).
Charlotte, Michigan: Perry, Nies, & Company, 1909. Hardcover. 125 pages. 23 x 15 cm. Recipes attributed to members of the community. Abundance of local advertisements. Turn of the century gem... (#3516)
Price: $125.00  
3515 Romagna in bocca.
Martini, Fosca.
Palerma: Il Vespro, 1978. First Edition. Cardboard covers. 223 pages + glossary & index. 25 x 17 cm. Text in Italian & German, and regional dialect. Preface by Max David... (#3515)
Price: $250.00  
3514 Sicilia e le isole in bocca.
Santolini, Antonella.
Palermo: Edikronos, 1981. Cardboard covers. 271 pages + glossary & index. 25 x 17 cm. Text in Italian & English, and regional dialect. Preface by Michele Perriera. Cover and interior... (#3514)
Price: $175.00  
3513 Umbria in Bocca.
Santolini, Antonella.
Palermo: Legatoria Industriale Siciliana, 1988. Cardboard covers. 227 pages + glossary & index. 25 x 17 cm. Text in Italian & English, and regional dialect. Preface by Enrico Vaime. Cover... (#3513)
Price: $125.00  
Bourdain, Anthony with Laurie Woolever.
New York: ecco, 2016. Uncorrected Proof. Paperback. 290 pages. 25.5 x 20 cm. Bourdain's voice comes through loud and clear with his no-nonsense declarations, for instance, speaking of Caesar Salad... (#3510)
Price: $325.00  
3509 What's Cooking in France; A lively introduction to the delights - and simplicity - of.
Bertholle, Louisette & Simone Beck & Helmut Ripperger.
New York: Ives Washburn, Inc., 1952. First Edition. Spiral_bound. 63 pages. 21.5 x 14 cm. Prior to their collaboration with Julia Child & the smash hit Mastering The Art of... (#3509)
Price: $75.00  
3508 Household Discoveries & Mrs. Curtis's Cook Book; An Encyclopedia of Practical Recipes and Processes.
Morse, Sidney & Isabel Gorden Curtis.
New York: The Success Company, 1909. Hardcover. 2 Vols. in one. 744 pages, 280 pages. 23 x 15 cm. Two "How To" books filled with advice for the early homemaker... (#3508)
Price: $30.00  
Let's Cook Without Cooking; With Pictures by Lisl Weil.
Rudomin, Ester.
New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, 1955. First Edition. 118 pages. 21.5 x 17 cm. 55 Easy Dishes To Make Without a Stove. A perfect book for young cooks - no... (#3507)
Price: $35.00  
Coca-Cola Corporation.
Sellervile, Pa. Americana Records, 1965. 18 x 18 cm. The World's largest carillon - a 610 bell instrument - was created by Schulmerich Carillons, Inc., of Sellersville, Pennsylvania, pioneers in... (#3506)
Price: $15.00  
3505 La Patisserie est un jeu d'enfants.
Oliver, Michel.
Paris: PLON, 1964. Oliver, Michel. Hardcover. Unpaginated. Forty-five elegantly simple recipes. Text in French. An amusing and artistic children's cookbook filled with entertaining illustrations and yummy recipes such as: Madeleines... (#3505)
Price: $75.00  
3504 La Cuisine est un jeu D'enfants; Preface de Jean Cocteau.
Oliver, Michel.
New York: Random House, 1965. Oliver, Michel. Hardcover. Unpaginated. Text in French and English. English translation by Charlotte Turgeon. An amusing and artistic children's cookbook filled with entertaining illustrations and... (#3504)
Price: $125.00  
3503 Here Let Us Feast; A Book of Banquets.
Fisher, M.F.K.
New York: The Viking Press, 1946. Hardcover. 491 pages. 22 x 15 cm. A fantastic treatise on feasts. A collection of excerpts, sentences, and paragraphs pertaining to "man's fundamental need... (#3503)
Price: $25.00  
3502 The Joy of Cooking; A Compilation of Reliable Recipes with an Occasional Culinary Chat.
Rombauer, Irma S. & Marion Rombauer Becker - Adapted for use in England By M.
London: J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd., 1957. Hardcover. 902 pages. 22 x 15 cm. After the suicide of her husband in 1930, Irma Rombauer cobbled together a cookbook, illustrated by... (#3502)
Price: $300.00  
3501 Streamlined Cooking; New and Delightful Recipes for Canned, Packaged and Frosted Foods and Rapid Recipes.
Rombauer, Irma S.
Indianapolis: The Bobby’s-Merrill Company Inc., 1939. First Edition. Hardcover. 210 pages. 21 x 15cm. From the author of The Joy Of Cooking, this follow up to her first smash hit... (#3501)
Price: $250.00  
3500 The Joy of Cooking; Illustrated by Ginnie Hofman.
Rombauer, Irma S. & Marion Rombauer Becker.
New York: The Bobby’s-Merrill Company Inc., 1953. Hardcover. 1013 pages. 22 x 14 cm. After the suicide of her husband in 1930, Irma Rombauer cobbled together a cookbook, illustrated by... (#3500)
Price: $50.00  
3499 The Standard Cocktail Guide; A Manual of Mixed Drinks Written for the American Host.
Gaige, Crosby.
New York: M. Barrows & Company, Inc., 1944. Second Printing. Hardcover. 128 pages. A compact, easy-to-handle volume that tells you all you need to know about mixing and stirring. Glasses... (#3499)
Price: $85.00  
3497 Crosby Gaige's Cocktail Guide and Ladies' Companion; Forward by Lucius Beebe, Finale by Lawton Mackall.
Gaige, Crosby & Irvin, Rea.
New York: M. BARROWS AND COMPANY, 1946. Hardcover. 223 pages. 21 x 14 cm. Filled with fabulous illustrations and recipes, a must have for any cocktail enthusiast. A full chapter... (#3497)
Price: $275.00  
We Dine on Linen Damask; with a Forward by Emily Post.
Irish & Scottish Linen Damask Guild Inc.
Irish & Scottish Linen Damask Guild Inc., 1926. Hardcover. 30 pages. 23 x 15 cm. According to the introduction, this illustrated etiquette guide “deals comprehensively with the etiquette and smart... (#3494)
Price: $30.00  
3475 [TRIBUTE PUBLICATION] The Cobina Wright Dinner; For the Benefit of The Beaudette Foundation for Biological.
The Friends of the Beaudette Foundation.
Beverly Hills, California: 1964. Spiral bound wraps. Unpaginated. This tribute to Cobina Wright Sr. begins with a letter from Mary Pickford thanking Cobina Wright for her "humanitarian nature and interest... (#3475)
Price: $475.00  
3473 [BEER] George Ehret's Hell Gate Brewing Co. Metal Serving Tray.
c.1890. 42 x 35 cm. George Ehret launched his brewery in 1866. The name of the brewery - George Ehret's Hells Gate Brewery - originated from the location of the... (#3473)
Price: $225.00  

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