Recipes for the Holidays  
Next week, Americans will gather around their dinner tables, share what they’re most grateful for, and indulge in their favorite holiday foods. From sweet potato to pumpkin , Feed the Future has been using holiday foods to help raise awareness about agriculture’s potential to end poverty, hunger and malnutrition and our progress to date . We are bringing back some of our favorite recipes in time for the holiday season.
Prepare one of the winning recipes, post a picture of your creation on social media using #EndHunger, and learn more about the power of these humble crops featured below. 
Sweet Potato

The unassuming sweet potato graces our plates in the United States each Thanksgiving. But in areas where Feed the Future works, it’s packing a powerful punch against poor nutrition. This holiday season, consider some winning recipes featuring this nutritious star. Here are some sweet recipes for your Thanksgiving table.
Coffee & Chocolate

As the weather cools in the United States, our drinks warm up! We empower smallholder farmers who make your coffee and hot chocolate possible to make a better living and connect to the global economy. Learn more and check out these six recipes to sweeten your winter

Small but mighty, beans are one of the most versatile foods around . What can you make with nutritious beans? Check out some of our recipes and learn more about how Feed the Future is helping rural families improve the production of beans. Make one (or more) of these six recipes to keep beans on the table
Pumpkins are powerful, profitable, and full of potential . Before there was pumpkin spice, families roasted the flesh of this fruit on open fires to provide hearty and filling meals. Today, pumpkins continue to be a staple crop for many families around the world. Surprise your guests with these six pumpkin recipes that go beyond the holidays .

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What We Are Grateful for This Year
Women’s economic success has a ripple effect, leading to more inclusive economic growth, better nutrition and health, and stronger resilience and stability. Feed the Future and its partners are empowering women who help entire communities and countries thrive .
America’s commitment to agricultural development is rooted in bringing dual benefits to partner countries and to American farmers, companies, workers and consumers. The latest BIFAD report talks about how the United States benefits from agricultural and food security investments abroad.
Our partnerships with top U.S. universities and businesses are tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges. 

This holiday season, we are taking time to express our gratitude and appreciation for all of our Feed the Future partners. Your partnership and dedication make progress to #endhunger possible.
Thank you!
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Feed the Future is the U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative.