Recital Hair & Makeup

Recital Hair:

Half up, Half down curled (hair piece can be where the hair gathers).
-Mommy & Me
-Beginner Ballet
-Combo 1

Parted on the right, slicked back, low pony (straight), with hair wrapped around (hair pieces should be worn on the left side by the ponytail, or bows/scrunchies worn above or around the ponytail).
-Combo's 2 - 12
-All Hip Hop's
-All Pom's
-All Pointe's

Recital Makeup:

Typical stage makeup
-Eye Shadow (natural looking)
-Lip stick (Covergirl Outlast, Brazen Raisin)

Double check the Costume Book (also located on the Band App) for all costumes, shoes, and accessories.
Fusion Dance!