O’Brien Institute award winners
tackle today's biggest health challenges
For their work toward creating meaningful change in public and population health, and outstanding contributions to health research, four O’Brien Institute researchers are being recognized as part of the 2020 O’Brien Institute Awards. 

Congratulations to Institute members Dr. Daniel Niven, MD, Dr. Gilaad Kaplan, MD, Dr. Bonnie Larson, MD, and Dr. Tyler Williamson, PhD.

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The O'Brien Institute for Public Health at the University of Calgary supports excellence in population health and health services research, realizing the benefits of such research by informing community, policy and health-practice stakeholders. 

The Institute's membership includes more than 500 multidisciplinary researchers from 13 Cumming School of Medicine departments and nine other University of Calgary faculties, such as Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Kinesiology and Arts; health professionals in Alberta Health Services; and, research users and policy makers from municipal and provincial institutions. As an Institute, we share a vision of "Better health and health care" reflecting our two priority research areas of Improved Population Health and Enhanced Health Systems Performance. 

The Institute's success in brokering broader external relationships, with provincial and national interest groups, policy makers, research agencies, the media, philanthropists, and community stakeholders, further extends the reach and impact of our members' significant research outputs.