In 2004, as programs were building and growing in our recreational division, there were athletes who wanted more! “Can we compete against other teams and go to competitions where other athletes like me be?” asked 7-year-old Daniel. Our answer came in the form of a new team member--Scott LeBlanc. Scott spearheaded the development and recruitment for a brand-new division designed to put our athletes in the Paralympic pipeline!!
Scott LeBlanc, adaptive sports coach
I began working with Kinetic Kids in 2004. I was excited to work with Kacey and Tracey to assist in the development of the competitive sports programs. We started with basketball and track & field. It was not too long until we added competitive swimming and, finally, archery. 

It has been a pleasure watching the athletes grow into a unified team representing Kinetic Kids and San Antonio at regional and national competitions. My greatest joy is when the athletes realize their full potential through sport and competition. There is no greater reward. I have been blessed with watching the athletes develop their abilities in self-confidence, communication, leadership, and most importantly, self-awareness.  

Kinetic Kids provides an opportunity for athletes to learn that life can be anything you dream it to be. The secret formula is nothing more than work and determination. The term Athlete has to be earned and our athletes have surely earned that title. Lastly, I would share that the support system of Kinetic Kids staff and administration, the donors, volunteers, and most importantly parents make all these dreams possible. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of these athletes' lives and development.
Athletes with physical disabilities were not the only ones motivated to compete! Our athletes with intellectual disabilities were ready to train for competition as well! So in 2017, Jenna Malsbury joined our team to help us start our San Antonio Premier division which truly sets the standard for competitive programming for athletes with physical AND intellectual disabilities!
Jenna Malsbury, adaptive sports director
As I celebrate my 4 year anniversary with Kinetic Kids, I am extremely thankful for joining this organization in 2017, right after graduating with my Master’s in Adapted Physical Activity and moving to Texas. 
I now oversee 13 sports in the two competitive divisions of Kinetic Kids, San Antonio Premier and San Antonio Xtreme.

It has been such a joy to provide opportunities for athletes to reach their full potential and experience sports like their able-bodied peers. I was blessed to join the team alongside long-time coaches and therapists who are experts in their respective sports. I am so proud to have had the chance to build and grow our competitive programs. My favorite accomplishments come through our athletes. In 2018, four athletes attended Junior Nationals for the first time in Kinetic Kids history. In 2019, we more than doubled our attendance to NINE athletes. As we are emerging from the pandemic, in 2021 we are once again attending Move United’s Junior Nationals in Denver, CO with an astonishing 16 athletes competing in track and field, swimming, and for the first time, archery! Speaking of archery, I have to thank Roger Koss who brought the idea of adapted archery to me in 2019. Flash forward, and San Antonio Xtreme is now the first youth, adapted, archery team registered with S3DA and USA Archery. Furthermore, our first team to get Paralympic classification and compete in regional and national competitions! Our kids truly have no limits and they inspire me every day.
I have so much passion for what I do, and these 4 years, these athletes, these coaches, competitions, and growth, have proven that I am doing exactly what I am meant to do and be where I am meant to be! 
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