Magnificent Mugs
One of the beautiful things about creativity is that each of us has our own, we are all unique. It doesn’t matter whether we’re accomplished or experienced in a particular field; we bring our own flavor and personality to our project. Getting together to let our imaginations loose and have some fun is important for a balanced and happy existence. Join us on Wednesday, October 7th to be a part of this creative connection!
The Cooking Corner
It’s mid-September, and the apples are perfect and plentiful! You could just take a bite out of one, smile, and call it a day, but this recipe for Caramel Apple Popcorn Pops is going to change all that. Kids love them, adults love them, they’re delicious, and they’re nutritious! Give it a try and show off “your” inventiveness (we won’t tell anyone where you got the idea…).
As autumn approaches, Mother Nature is preparing to paint another annual masterpiece using the trees and forests as her canvas, and our Canaan campus is ready to bask in its splendor. The breathtaking beauty of fall is getting underway and you won’t want to miss it. Get inspired by the bright colors and grand scale of these natural murals.