Happy Advent, St. Joseph Alumni!  

I hope you had a wonderful fall and Thanksgiving holiday.  We've had a phenomenal summer and fall here at St. Joseph, and I hope you enjoy catching up on all the activity.
Over the summer, we sent a delegation to our sister parish/school in Kinango, Kenya. Ben Woletz, was able to accompany his dad, teacher Chuck Woletz on the trip. I was also lucky to go with the group and was so happy to see Ben really live out our theme of being a person for others. Traveling in rural Kenya is not easy, but Ben soaked up every aspect of the trip. Most impressive was the work he did in the classroom helping his dad teach lessons on the five senses. Be sure to read the student article written about this experience in the Saint Joseph Insider. 
We've had some great reunions in the past year. Most recent was the class of 1996. Ona ( Johnson) 
Spaniola, one of our Kindergarten teachers, helped organize a great party. The group reconnected in fine form and reminisced with several teachers. 
Finally, I'm pleased to share A New Messina, the strategic plan for St. Joseph School for 2016-2021. This plan is the result of an entire community's insights and hard work that will well serve our school for the next five years. Each year, the administration will create an Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) that  specifically details how each goal will be carried out in the upcoming year. I invite you to read through the document, and reach out if you have an idea or would like to get involved. 
Our prayers are with you this Advent season and throughout the New Year.
Patrick Fennessy

Virtue of the Month: Patience
By: Charlie Gwynn, '17

Current 8th grader Charlie Gwynn reflects on the virtue of patience, especially in light of the often busy and full Christmas season. Every two weeks virtues are created by different classrooms and shared with the school community as reminders of the mission of the St. Joseph School. Read Charlie's reflection on patience and Mrs. Ross' 1C class description of this important virtue. 

Staff Spotlight: Kathleen (Keegan-Boes) Ross, '99

It is not a stretch to say Ms. Ross could have caught the education bug during her time at St. Joseph.  She remembers: "I had always liked to read out loud in class or helping other kids figure things out.  My dad was certain that I would be a lawyer or a judge, but I'm a pretty decisive person.  I knew right away that I wanted to be a teacher."  This can be seen through her almost four years at St. Joseph and 10 years as an educator. Read more about Kathleen's journey back to St. Joseph and her passion for teaching. 

Check out the Saint Joseph Insider Student Newspaper

The third edition of the
Saint Joseph Insider has been published. Enthusiastic middle school journalists, led by Mr. LeTellier, 7th grade teacher, and Ms. Weinberg, Advancing Learning Opportunity Specialist, give an update on exciting events happening around St. Joseph, including, CYO soccer, the Kinango, Kenya staff delegation, new staff spotlights and more! 

Class of 1996
20th year reunion 

Over Thanksgiving break the Class of 1996 reconnected over wine and cheese. Current 8th grader Maya Murphy, '17, graciously led the alums on school tours of the cafeteria, the newly expanded lobby, the LRC and junior high floor. Ms. Marion, Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Sauter, and Mr. Woletz accompanied the tour and reminisced with the alums about old projects, quizzes and past memories. Thanks to Ona (Spaniola) Johnson, Monica (Lewis) Knapp, and Lauren (Vane) Coates for organizing. Read more or check out the photos from the 1996 reunion. 

Class of 1966 reunites for
50th year reunion

Earlier this Fall more than 40 alums and guests from the class of 1966 reunited for Mass, drinks, food and merriment. The celebration even included a game of 1966 jeopardy! Special thanks to Gay Bitts, Rich Cannon,  Ross Case, Charlie Heffernan, Mary McKay Vial, Kathy Shoemaker Jinguji, Brian Sweeney, Molly Merrick and Ceryl Smith for organizing this reunion. 

A gift was made to St. Joseph School in honor of the class of 1966.  Check out photos from the 1966 reunion.

2016 Outstanding Alumni &
Hall of Award Honorees

Each October, at the annual Celebration Dinner, St. Joseph School awards the Outstanding Alumni of the Year award and the Hall of Honor award. The Hall of Honor award is devoted to members of the community who surpassed all expectation in their devotion to St. Joseph School. Recipients of this award have shown great dedication to the mission by giving selflessly of their time, talents and treasure. The 2016 recipient is  Jeannine (Navone) Christofilis,'86.  The 2016 Outstanding Alumni of the Year recipient is  Cathy (McChesney) Hamblet,'82
Making a Bequest is as easy as 1, 2, 3. . . .

1. Create a will or living trust, or revise an existing one.
2. Decide what you would like to designate to St. Joseph School.
3. Provide your attorney with our suggested bequest language

Suggested bequest language: I give, devise and bequeath to St. Joseph School, Seattle, a tax-exempt organization located at 700 18th Ave East, Seattle, Washington, 98112, the sum of $____________(or) ______________% of my estate (or the property described herein) to be used for _____________________________________________ (specify the purpose, e.g. student scholarships, teacher enrichment, buildings & grounds, etc).

If you have any questions about making a planned gift to St. Joseph School, please contact us at (206) 329-3260 x 245 or email tobrien@stjosephsea.org. Informing us of your intent helps us ensure your wishes are honored. THANK YOU!