Was this past weekend a beautiful summer weekend? Yes! We are all enjoying the dry, warm spring weather. With rain in the forecast over the early part of this week, don’t despair, it will be brief and light. However, you may want to despair as we are having a record dry spring and have had significantly above normal irrigation need which is likely to be a bit of a budget buster for you. We are likely headed for a drought this summer so there is even the possibility of season long, higher than normal irrigation need. Only time will tell.  

Last week Pacific was featured in Landscape Management Magazine about our adoption and promotion of Weather Based Irrigation and our Premiere Partnership with Weathermatic. A good read to learn more about this great Water Conservation tool. 
See the drought Monitor below which has Oregon growing in drought condition and concern.


There are significant opportunities for irrigation system upgrades and modifications as well as landscape modifications that will reduce irrigation water need while improving the appearance and long-term health of the landscape.
However, each site and client is different and the appropriate upgrades or modifications can vary. To help assist in the recommendation of the highest value projects to consider, Pacific Landscape   Management has established a Water Conservation Department and trained our staff on water    conservation services. This department has developed a Water Conservation Evaluation that we are offering to develop plans to evaluate sites to help conserve water consumption and save our customer operational dollars.