There is going to be a quick warm-up the beginning of this week, reminding us that winter is truly over despite the cool start to spring the last month or so. This is a very appreciated transition as our landscape activities have been greatly impacted by the wet cold weather. However, dry weather, especially in transition, can be challenging itself. We are quite confident that we are prepared for this transition.
Drier weather will definitely improve our ability to mow some sites and definitely improve the quality of cut and our ability to complete a task timely and get edging and details done. It's been one of the more challenging springs that we can remember and drier weather definitely will help going forward.
With some dry weather, we are reminded that that irrigation season is not far off. We have been working for the last several months to activate and service irrigation systems in anticipation of the coming summer. Our goal is to always have systems serviced by May 1st and we're on target for that so should be ready for any dry weather that we see coming up.
Although the flowers were doing quite well over the winter as we had a milder than normal year, the heavy rain in the end of March and early April impacted a few plantings. The dry weather should improve things but also start to impact pansies as they don't do as well in warmer drier weather. We are on target to start our summer flower change outs as we move into May. We're very excited about our designs and program and look forward to your reaction as we get into summer color season.
Weed control has been quite challenging with the extremely wet weather but we're complete with our pre-emergent weed control application and working diligently to spot spray and pull weeds and  hope that drier weather will reduce the weed germination pressure we been seeing recently.
Most plants are now exiting dormancy, leafing out, and growing again. We're already planning for our summer pruning rotation to keep things in check as we go into the summer.
We are excited for the coming summer season and I've been working diligently all winter and spring to be prepared. Rest assured, even with pathetic weather in the spring, we are prepared and will work diligently to accommodate what this spring and summer season unfolds.
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