Volume Five  Issue Two  March 2020
The History Center on Main Street
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The History Center on Main Street
Director- Joyce M. Tice: President - Deb Talbot Bastian: V.P - Kathy McQuaid, Sec. Sylvia Kuhl-Yamashita
Record Our Lives: Record Our History
Telling our Pandemic Stories
             As we navigate our way through this pandemic, one of the most significant personal, national and global events in our lives, it might be a helpful tool to record it. Let’s try an old fashioned diary whether on paper or on our computer or on a video or audio recording. This is history, and the experiences of every one of us are part of that larger story. Document it now while it is fresh and immediate.

             First, sometimes writing helps us organize and make sense of our thoughts and feelings. It allows us to vent and express them on a personal level that does not have to be justified or judged by anyone else.

               Also, our reactions and attitudes are going to change and develop the further into this experience we travel. Our opinions on various aspects may be altered. Keeping a daily or occasional diary will let you see later how that progressed.
               What are your fears? What are your hurdles and how do you deal with them? How do you get your groceries? What can’t you get? Are you angry, skeptical, curious, generous or selfish? Is it making you kinder or more impatient this week, next week, a month from now.

               Have you contracted the corona virus? How bad are the symptoms, and what are they? How long is your recovery? Have you experienced the death of a family member, friend or fellow worker? Have you been able to get the medical help you need? Have you had to delay some medical treatment because of overtaxed health systems? How much have you followed the media and how has it helped or not helped you?

How has it affected your business, your job? Are you on "lockdown" or are you still out there keeping grocery shelves stocked or providing medical services? What are your financial setbacks?

               Have you experienced any benefits? There actually might be some, like finally having the time to defrost the freezer or some other long neglected activity.

               Have you received help from friend, neighbors, strangers? Have you reached out to help others?

               What are you doing while you isolate? What has made you feel better? How has technology helped you feel more or less isolated. What do you miss most?

               Then, there’s the new vocabulary: Social Distancing, TP, PPE, the 6 foot rule.

               These are all elements to consider as we record for ourselves and the future our own personal experience in this worldwide event. This is your story. Tell it your way. It's the story of our time.

               When this settles down and we return to normal and changed lives, The History Center wants to interview our residents on how it affected them and what their strategies for dealing with it are. Collectively, these videos or documents will tell the story of the impact on our own community. In addition to studying and analyzing our past, the role of a history organization is to document the present while it is happening. We hope you will participate in that with us.
Upcoming Events
There will be events again. The sooner the better. We have some good ones waiting in the wings and a special new exhibit by Deb Rotella.
Diaries, Diaries and More Diaries
We have accumulated many dozens of diaries and letters dating as far back as 1838 onour website. You can let these community residents of the past tell their stores to us.

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