November 27, 2020
Record Turnout for 2020 Bencher Election
With 4,854 ballots cast November 2 - 16, the 2020 Bencher Election had the highest turnout in Law Society of Alberta history, with more than 46 per cent of eligible voters participating in this year’s election. This represents an increase of more than nine per cent from our 2017 turnout.

Along with the increased number of voters, this year saw a shift in representation, with five Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) lawyers elected, reflecting the more diverse pool of candidates. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is one of four strategic goals of the Law Society and having a Bencher table that more closely aligns with the constituency of the province it serves will help us better meet that goal. 

We are immensely grateful to our outgoing Benchers for their service in the public interest, each of whom had an important role in developing the Law Society’s 2020 – 2024 Strategic Plan.

In addition, we would like to congratulate the elected Benchers, who will assume their new role at the February 25, 2021 Bencher meeting. We will share profiles of the 2021 Benchers next year so you can learn more about those who you elected.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of the candidates for their participation in this year’s election and their continued contribution to the betterment of our profession.

Elizabeth J. Osler, QC
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director 
Law Society of Alberta
COVID-19 Resource Reminders
On Tuesday, the Government of Alberta announced several new measures and restrictions in response to the growing number of COVID-19 infections in our province. The measures are targeted based on geography and business-type, and are currently in place for three weeks, at which point they will be reassessed.

Effective November 27, some businesses will limit their in-person access to reduce the amount of contact between people in the community, while still allowing them to offer services. Law offices are among the businesses that are open by appointment only and are not permitted to offer walk-in services. Appointments should be limited to one-on-one services.

These business restrictions apply to all communities on the enhanced list (purple areas).

Over the past few months, the Law Society has published resources to offer guidance to lawyers and law firms. Much of the information in these resources is still relevant for recent business restrictions and for risk management. Some of the resources offered include:

Our COVID-19 FAQs provide additional guidance and links to information. Our Practice Advisors and Practice Management department are also available for further assistance.
Court of Queen's Bench Announcements

Effective immediately and until December 7, 2020, due to staffing shortages, the Edmonton Review Office will be closed for administrative inquiries (i.e. in-person/telephone/email inquiries and new bookings). All previously scheduled hearings with the Edmonton Review Officer will proceed during this time. If you wish to adjourn or cancel an upcoming hearing that is already scheduled, please email

In response to the State of Public Health Emergency declared by the Government on November 24, 2020, the increase in active COVID-19 cases in the province of Alberta, and the current and anticipated numbers of legal system participants, including Court staff, who may be unable to participate for COVID-19 related reasons, the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta is announcing modifications to its schedule for the week of November 30. Further announcements in respect of the subsequent weeks may follow.