Looking at Art & Antiquities with a Hyperspectral Eye
Invited Speakers
Dr. John Delaney and Dr. Greg Bearman will present examples involving hyperspectral imaging (HSI) of Art & Antiquities, and Francesco Beccari will present a technology overview.

Introduction by Francesco Beccari and Don Battistoni of Headwall

Dr. John Delaney is senior imaging scientist in the scientific research department of the conservation division of the National Gallery of Art (NGA), Washington, DC. He discussed examples of hyperspectral imaging at the NGA and other museums including the Rijksmuseum. His work utilizes techniques adapted from the remote-sensing world and his knowledge and past experience in the sensor industry, as well as ongoing training of fellows at the NGA.

Dr. Greg Bearman is a former researcher for JPL, the Israeli Antiquities Authority, and is a Headwall consultant. He will discuss his work with the Dead Sea Scrolls and other artwork; monitoring change of materials in artwork over time; and shed some light on recent doubts of authenticity for some supposed “post-2002” fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Here is a link to reference material as mentioned in the talk.

Francesco Beccari is Headwall's European Sales Manager. He will provide a Technology Overview of hyperspectral imaging

Questions & Answers answered live and individually afterward

Wrap-up and final words
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