Foster Care Coordinators have a lot on their plates these days, including keeping track of their licensed families' required ongoing training hours. We have heard from many Coordinators across the state that, at the time of re-licensure, they have resource families scrambling to complete their ongoing training hours. While we encourage folks to attend our live webinar trainings, we also understand that families are busy, cannot always make a scheduled training, or have unexpected things pop up. This is why we have recorded several of our webinar trainings found here .

More recently, in an effort to help licensors be better able to make our recorded trainings interactive, we have developed an "Information Summary and Application Tool," available on the Recorded Training page, that can be used in tandem with our recorded trainings. This tool helps licensors discuss with their foster families what they took away from a training and how they can apply those concepts in their own homes and add to their own parenting tool box. As the licensing agency, you, of course, have the discretion how to issue any ongoing training hours. We hope this tool helps you and your resource families reach their training goals.