AANE's Fall 2020 Virtual
Daniel W. Rosenn Connections Conference
"Spectacular. Enlightening. Functional!"
- Jennie Dunkley, Fall 2020 Conference Attendee

This conference recording is for adults with Asperger/autism or similar neurodiverse profiles, parents, and professionals.
WHEN: Recording is available until December 15, 2020
WHERE: Online via Vimeo
COST: $60 per person

Financial assistance is available. For financial assistance to access the recording, please contact events@aane.org.

Three expert speakers present on living an authentic life and forming meaningful friendships.

First Presentation
Masking & Autistic Self-Care: Avoiding Burnout in a Neurotypical World
With Christa Holmans

Christa always knew she was different, but for twenty-nine years, her learning differences had slipped through the cracks. Why? The communication, sensory, and varied learning style differences that are common in autistic and neurodivergent people are, for the most part, invisible, allowing for autistic struggles to be masked and then swept under the rug. Masking is self-defense. Often, within most workplace and professional settings, many autistic people feel a strong need to disguise their neurotype and hide much of who they are out of fear they may be bullied, or passed over for promotions, or even fired. This can lead to Autistic burnout, a common phenomenon for working autistics when non-autistics set the pace, and those on the spectrum push themselves too hard.

Christa Holmans is a central Texas native with a diverse business background. Their core focuses have included roles in customer service, project management, employee relations (recruiting, hiring, and retention,) marketing, operations, leadership, and administration. Christa is an out of the box thinker with a proven track record of helping organizations, business owners, and teams to create more efficient and harmonious workspaces. Christa has successfully worked to help organizations of all sizes but will admit to having a soft spot for startups and small businesses. Always wanting to give back, Christa has sat on advisory boards for multiple nonprofits, including the Foundation for Life Guides for Autism and the International Board of Sensory Accessibility. Founder of Neurodivergent Consulting and the internationally recognized Neurodivergent Rebel Blog, Christa currently enjoys living in an RV full time with their best friend and partner David (along with 4 dogs.).

Second Presentation
Finding your Place of Belonging
With Dr. Daniel Wendler, PsyD & Dr. Kyler Shumway, PsyD

Drs. Wendler and Shumway share the story of how their friendship helped them overcome their painful history of loneliness and bullying. Drawing on insights from their own neurodiverse friendship as well as their training in clinical psychology, they explore the obstacles that hold people back from connection, share principles for finding genuine belonging, and provide effective strategies for developing social skills. This knowledge can empower individuals to go outside their comfort zone and build relationships that can last a lifetime. They offer real hope that anyone, whether on the spectrum or not, can find a place to belong and live a life full of connection.

Dr. Daniel Wendler is a best-selling author, nationally recognized keynote speaker, and proud autistic self-advocate. Daniel taught himself social skills as a way of overcoming the social challenges of his Asperger’s diagnosis, and founded ImproveYourSocialSkills.com to help others achieve social success, too. He went on to write two books (Improve Your Social Skills and Level Up Your Social Life), speak at TEDx (twice), and complete a doctorate in clinical psychology. Today, he uses his autistic insight and psychological training to help create a world where everyone can find a place to belong. Daniel is based in Austin, Texas, where he works as a therapist at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy. Connect with him and pick up a copy of his books at DanielWendler.com

You might assume that Dr. Kyler Shumway was one of “the cool kids.” After all, he’s a former Division 1 athlete, two-time author (featured by Forbes and The New York Times), award-winning researcher, and leader for one of the largest psychotherapy practices in Texas. But growing up, Kyler was a target. Bullied for his weight, his second-hand farm boy clothes, and his social awkwardness, Kyler was made to believe that he did not belong. Years of friendlessness and disconnection fueled his desire to make things different - because he knows he is not alone. Today, Kyler is on a mission. He believes that, together, we can address the loneliness epidemic and create a world where everyone belongs. Learn more at KylerShumway.com.
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