NDEO Webinar:

Ultimate Structured Improvisation:
The Future of the Private Dance Studio
 This free webinar was presented live on 5/8/20
by Kathryn Austin, Sonya Monts, and Tori Rogoski

The thing is we don't know - no one knows what to do, how to navigate, and what the future looks like. We are all just doing the best we can moment by moment. As studio owners and teachers, we are used to planning ahead but Covid19 has thrown us a curveball. Our “schedules and routines” no longer exist as we know it and our “previous plans” are out the window. We are missing that important connection with the students that fuels and feeds us and the explosion of online dance options presents its own challenges and long-term implications. In this webinar you will hear how Kathryn, Sonya, and Tori are adapting to this new world and envisioning the future of the private dance studio.

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Bios of Presenters
Dr. Kathryn Austin is a dance educator with 40 years experience currently working full time teaching dance in the public schools and owning, directing and teaching at her private studio of 30 years. Austin is active in the training and coaching of traditional Scottish Highland Dance and has to her credit several Champions and national contenders. Working daily in the K-12 and Private Studio setting gives Austin a unique perspective with which to approach the nuances of online delivery of dance studies and how best practices are applied in each unique setting. Austin is hands-on at every level and age of the learner population and makes daily parallels between her teaching environments in cross-referencing curriculum and delivery.

Sonya Monts has over 20 years experience in the private studio setting. She previously owned and directed her own private studio, The Dancer's Extension, and was the dance teaching artist for Polk County (NC) Schools. She currently teaches for Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre/New Studio of Dance in Asheville, NC. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College (SC), and in 2015 earned her Certificate in Dance Education from the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO). For the NDEO, Sonya is a chapter sponsor for the National Honor Society of Dance Arts; adjudicated the Artistic Merit, Leadership and Academic Achievement Award; served on the strategic planning committee; contributes to to online member forums; contributes and serves on the editorial board for the Dance Education in Practice journal; and has presented her work at the state and national levels. After thorough review of her teaching portfolio, Sonya became a Registered Dance Educator in 2014.

Tori Rogoski, RDE, earned a BFA and a BS in Dance Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ms. Rogoski taught in public elementary and high schools before founding Dance Education Center in 2001. She has been published in Dance Teacher, Dance Magazine and the Journal on Dance Education and her school was selected as 2019 Business of the Year. In 2016, Ms. Rogoski was honored with the Wisconsin Dance Council Margaret H'Doubler Award, she was selected as UW’s 2010 Outstanding Recent Graduate and in 2009 she received the outstanding National Registered Dance Educator Award.

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