Pre-Assembly Gathering of May 16, 2021
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On Sunday, May 16, we will gathered for a multi-faceted time of conversations about the Southwest California Synod, the ELCA, and the upcoming Synod Assembly. Our Presiding Bishop, The Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, will joined to discuss the Churchwide Organization and the Role of a Synodical Bishop.

Committee members gave reports regarding the State of the SWCA Synod, our current financial situation, and how our Voting Members will be gathering for the first time in a virtual Synod Assembly.


  • The Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, ELCA Presiding Bishop
  • The Rev. Nikki Fielder (SWCA Synod Assembly Planning Team Chair)
  • The Rev. Dean Nelson, SWCA Bishop Emeritus
  • (Bishop Election Committee Co-Chair)
  • The Rev. David Berkedal (Nomination’s Committee Chair)
  • Mr. Randall Foster (SWCA Synod Vice President)
  • Mr. Michael Metzger (SWCA Synod Treasurer)
  • The Rev. Murray D. Finck (SWCA Synod Bishop, Interim)

Comments and questions about the gathering or assembly may be sent to:

Your feedback is important - information gathered in this survey will be gathered and distributed to the presenters and synodical leadership following this event.

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