Your Recording: Q&A with Dr. Kelso
Thank you to everyone who joined us on Monday, April 20, for the Q&A with Dr. Patsy Kelso, State Epidemiologist for Infectious Diseases at the Vermont Department of Health. Over 60 participants joined us to hear Dr. Kelso offer expertise, respond to questions, and share recommendations from the Department of Health for Vermont's arts and cultural sector.

As Vermont's state agency, we have been supporting arts and culture organizations across our state as they respond to the immediate COVID-19 crisis in our communities. Although public health experts are still learning about the disease and much is still unknown, it’s clear that we need an informed, science-based approach as Vermont’s cultural organizations plan for the future.

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For artists, freelance creatives, and cultural organizations, our COVID-19 resource page has information, funding opportunities and additional resources to guide you.  
Best wishes,

Catherine Crawley
Communications Director