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Our Thoughts On...
Records and Their Expiration Dates
“What records should I keep? How long should I keep them? How should I organize my files?”
Advisors have been asked these questions time and time again by plan sponsors looking for a general guideline for record expiration dates. Read more.
Six Easy Steps to Keep Your Plan Assets Safe 
Cyber fraud is a growing concern globally. Individuals are typically very careful to keep their bank account and email authentication information safe, but they aren’t always smart with the rest of their personal information. Read more.
IRS Limits on Retirement Benefits and Compensation 
Click "Read more" for IRS limits on retirement benefits and compensation as published in IRS News Release IR-2018-83 from November 1, 2018. Read more.
How and When to Pay Plan Expenses with Plan Assets
Some retirement plan expenses can be paid for
with plan assets — but many can’t. Which are
the “reasonable and necessary” retirement plan
expenses that can be paid out of plan assets?  Read more.
A Reminder about the Changing Rules for Hardship Withdrawals
The opportunities to take in-service distributions from retirement plans are limited prior to age 59½. An
exception is hardship withdrawals. The requirements for hardship withdrawals are changing.  Read more.