September 21, 2017

Recovering from Hurricane Irma
and more storms predicted!  
Sloth with nut
Please help us with the monkey's immediate needs. 
Hurricane season can be a frightening time for those living in Florida. Being prepared for the hurricane season is vital for those in the storm's path.
Please help Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary recover from Hurricane Irma! 
Storm Damage Photo Gallery
Hurricane Irma Photo Gallery
Ken Holmes with Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation helped us get the monkeys back outside.
Thank You Ken! 
Claude with Specialty Fence and his crew cut trees off runways, drop chutes and repaired habitats!
Thank You Claude!
Storm Damage from Hurricane Irma and How You Can Help us Prepare for the Next Storm...
Regrade Driveway to Van Clan Conference Center - $8,000
The storm created a sink hole at our main entrance! The DOT will fix that this week, but the road to our Conference Center was eroded and washed out.
An asphalt drive is needed.
Large Double Door: Van Clan Conference Center - $2,594 

The Conference Center provided a secure shelter for the monkeys during the storm . However, the larger rolling cages  did not fit through the existing door. 
We need a bigger door!
Concrete Slabs: Bob Barker Medical Clinic & Van Clan Conference Center - $1,840
This will allow us to move the cages inside and out more easily with an area to clean the cages. This will also allow us to move the monkeys outside for fresh air.
Thank You Dorothy! 

During the last hurricane season we did not have a generator for our Bob Barker Medical Clinic, due to the generosity of Dorothy Garwick we have a top-of-the-line generator for this hurricane season and what a difference this has made. Hats off to Dorothy!
A Very Active Hurricane Season 
has been Predicted! 
Yikes! Here comes Hurricane Maria
Yay, Hurricane Maria heads out to sea!
Specialty foods for the monkeys during their confinement when a hurricane threatens 
Order a gift for Jungle Friends via Amazon Smile and choose Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary as your Charity. 
Order a gift for the monkeys from The Monkey 
Care packages contain the monkeys' favorite treats!

4 1_2_ boomer ball
The folks at   Boomer Ball  donated 50 small Boomer Balls to go inside the lab cages where many monkeys must be confined during a storm.  We still need another 50 Boomer Balls.

Thank You David!
Thank You North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance and Chimp Haven!
Awbrea, Chimp Haven Caregiver
Robyn, Chimp Haven Caregiver
After hearing that Hurricane Maria was approaching, we spoke with Erika Fleury, Program Manager of NAPSA, about our challenges. Erika reached out to our primate sanctuary community and we are delighted to announce that Awbrea and Robyn, Chimp Haven caregivers, arrived at Jungle Friends last Tuesday to help us in case Hurricane Maria arrived and help us recover from Hurricane Irma, they will be here for a week! 

A special thanks to all those that made this possible and of course to our visitors from Chimp Haven!
Murphy Brown writing
Murphy Brown spent her inside time drawing.

Lots of monkey love!
From all of the monkeys  
and all of the humans 
at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary!

P.S. Don't Forget Monkey Day 2017 
Saturday, November 4th, 2-5 p.m.  

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