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Jim's Recovery Update #3

Sunday Feb 23, one day post surgery we pulled all the external tubes; 4 IV sites, the chest tube, and the foley catheter. Jim felt like a "Liberated Man". Getting everything going on his own was a good challenge. He got up and walked several long walks and felt good to return to eating with a cheery excellent attitude. Praise the Lord was on our lips often. Jim is still on oxygen because of the many fractures that hinder breathing. He has 2 spines, multiple small fractures on the entire spine not counted, 5 rib fractures, plus his sternum. No wonder breathing is difficult for him. This will just take time except the Lord does a miracle.

Monday Feb 24, two days post-op he was very tired, sleeping is very difficult in the hospital and it began to affect his attitude. He has had very little sleep for 8 days but today he was down. Your prayers helps buoy him up during these times and we thank everyone for this support. I made sure he got a number of hours of sleep during the day and we still got him up for his two nice long walks; he loves walking and I love seeing him walking. He learned how to maneuver stairs and did very well--it was no challenge to him as his legs are strong but than the management of pain in his lower back is his biggest hindrance at this time. The thrill of the day was taking a shower and feeling like a "New Man". Changed his back bandages and saw the small incisions and small amount of discharge from the 2 rods that run parallel to the spine and 10 screws that go down the spine to give him the stability with out being inserted in the bones. All this hardware will come out in 9 month to give Jim a greater mobility than a fusion. We are very please with Dr Frank Bishop and his less invasive techniques and his skill here. God gave him this wonderful skill and God has attended the quick recovery post surgery. We thank God and our Dr for blessings in the midst of our tragedy.

Tuesday Feb 25, three days post-op he is doing very well. Jim was up at 6am had his prayer time, got up to the bathroom essentially on his own, went for a walk and his focus was "I'm ready to go to Matthew's." The hospital got him over the hump but now he is ready to go home and get back to what he was before the fall by the grace of God attending his efforts. Matthew's house will be more conducive now for the next stage of healing and strengthening. We expect to be at Matthew's home for another week or so. Then if the Dr sees all as stable we will attempt our 1000 mile travel back to CO. Again thank your for your supportive prayers that got this swift recovery to be his reality.

Pain management remains the biggest issue for us to deal with. We thank you all for your prayers and ask you if you would please petition the throne of grace for healing and more improvement here. Pain will be a companion for many months to come we have been told but God is a Big God and has done so much with the speedy recovery you have all prayed for that we ask you to continue in this vein and see what God will do. God is not limited by nature or what is normal in recovery. So we thank you immensely for your prayer and emotional support. If pain is part of our recovery Jim is very positive that God with him is enough for this as well. We will walk with our hand in Jesus' hand praising His name for His wonderful works.

Mighty Blessings to all of you as well,
Sally & Jim

Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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