Recruiting Businesses, Bringing New Jobs During COVID-19
One of the most important goals for any economic development corporation (EDC) is to recruit new business to the area, but the COVID-19 pandemic and its residual economic effects have not made that easy. Just as companies have had to adapt how they do business on a regular basis, so has the Cabarrus EDC; however, our focus on keeping a steady pipeline of new and expanding businesses, and therefore providing job opportunities for our community, has not changed.
County Approves Development Plan for New Mixed-Use District in Concord
The agreement carries with it a $50 million private investment that will bring 294 residential units, 151 of which will carry workforce rent rates that make them more affordable. The project will also include more than 15,000 square feet of retail space.

Hydromer Focuses on Making Larger Impact in Cabarrus & Surrounding Areas
Hydromer's focus on growth made them the prime example of a company that would benefit from Grow Cabarrus. The program focuses on growing local stage 2 companies by putting a team of business research experts at the company's disposal to find information that can help them make key decisions.

The Latest COVID-19 Resources
Atrium Health shares a list of Urgent Care Centers and Occupational Medicine Facilities in the region that you may seek medical care from during COVID-19. Plus, other new resources have been added to our website for both businesses and local residents.

Project Activity Updates
The Cabarrus EDC's September Project Activity Report provides a snapshot of the economic development activity happening here in Cabarrus County. Currently, there are 35 active projects, with 4 of those projects added in the month of September.

"SynTerra Corporation is proud to be an investor in Cabarrus Economic Development. Our local presence and interest expand past work, with team members like myself, who call Cabarrus County home. We are grateful for the opportunity to assist Cabarrus Economic Development in attracting industries and jobs to the county."
- Dan Warrick, Civil Engineering Market Leader at SynTerra

SynTerra Corporation is an engineering and science consulting firm that serves clients from industrial, commercial, and governmental sectors by designing innovative solutions that are used throughout the Southeast U.S. and beyond. Thank you SynTerra for your investment in Cabarrus County.
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