Dear Friends,

The Vestry met November 13 to make an important decision following The Rev. Jeannette DeFriest's announcement of her retirement in the spring. After consulting with the Diocese, we voted not to take the traditional route of waiting until Jeannette's departure and hiring an interim rector. Instead, we will be forming a search committee immediately so that we can continue to build on our church's momentum and have a smooth transition in leadership. The Diocese will allow us to consider our internal candidate, and the vestry voted to take advantage of that option. 

The way it will work is the search committee will fully prepare for a national search, but because the Diocese does not allow internal candidates to be included in a national pool, they will wait to post the position nationally. At that point, the committee will do "Discernment with One Candidate." If either our internal candidate or the committee decides it isn't the right fit, they will then post the job and continue the search. It's important that everyone understand that this is a genuine discernment process, not perfunctory on either side.

We are now gathering nominations for the Rector Search Committee. You may nominate yourself or someone else by  completing this form . The Vestry will then try to assemble a group that reflects the make-up of St. Luke's, looking for people who are emotionally mature, able to listen and participate, able to honor the confidentiality of the group's work, open to the work of the Holy Spirit, and a member of record. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Susan Dove Lempke, Senior Warden
Peggy Newton, Junior Warden