Rector's Reflection
St. John's Church, Lafayette Square
March 21, 2021
Good morning St. John's Community,

How has your Lenten journey been so far?

The word "lent" simply means "lengthen," as the days are lengthening now. More than any Lent I have ever known, we have experienced incremental goodness dawning upon us, with increased vaccinations, a liberating removal of the fence around the church, and now the opening up of our windows for the light to once again stream in through our church's phenomenally beautiful stained glass.

And yet, we are still in a wilderness place.

I believe this experience is making us stronger, more aware, and more resilient than we were before.

Today's service will be live-streamed and available to watch with others when it "premiers" at 9am on Facebook, and on our website's worship page. It will be posted soon after on our YouTube page as well.

Next week will be Palm Sunday, and we will expand our services to having both 9am and 11am with an increased attendance of up to 100 at each service. There is still room available if you sign up now. You will need to sign up ahead of time because we are required to assign seats. The online services will of course continue throughout this time and beyond.

Whether it is this week or some time in the future, I look forward to seeing you back in church!

God's peace,

How to help, or how to get help. During this difficult time, St. John's is looking to connect people in need of assistance with those who are able to help. If you fall into either category, please visit this link or send an e-mail to with your name, contact information, and details of the type of support you can give or the support you need. And to get involved in any of our ongoing local outreach ministries, which are in special need curing this time, you may click here.

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