Rector's Reflection
St. John's Church, Lafayette Square
November 8, 2020
Dear St. John's Community,

It's no small statement to say that St. John's has never been seen by so many people around the country and the world as it was yesterday.

We are not a political organization, but a spiritual and moral one. Our place is in the world, and yet we have the privilege of standing for things that are above, and of reminding our nation that we do best when we lift ourselves from a mere love of power to embracing the power of love.

Seeing our beautiful yellow buildings, and the bell tower (which I hope we can refurbish soon) standing above it all in such a timeless way, it was exciting to think of how God will surely continue to use us to carry this message in the days ahead.

St. John's is a diverse community in many ways, including political viewpoints, and the way we embrace one another with civility and grace has been a deeply held value of ours for a long time. I believe this part of our nature strengthens us in our work ahead to be an agent of healing, and to call all people to their better angels.

A parishioner sent me a photo from in front of the church yesterday, and in it a member of the crowd is holding up a sign that says, "Love is power."

To that I say, Amen.


Please join us today for worship! The service is already posted on YouTube here.

You may also watch it "live" at 9:00am on Facebook here.

We'll have a children's gathering via Zoom in which I'll show up to lead some songs on guitar! It will be at 10:30am. To join, click here.

Today we also have two outdoor worship opportunities:

2pm at the National Cathedral, in the amphitheater.

3pm at Virginia Theological Seminary, on the labyrinth.

All are welcome. The weather will be gorgeous! Here is a link for maps and more info.

God's peace,


How to help, or how to get help. During this difficult time, St. John's is looking to connect people in need of assistance with those who are able to help. If you fall into either category, please visit this link or send an e-mail to with your name, contact information, and details of the type of support you can give or the support you need. And to get involved in any of our ongoing local outreach ministries, which are in special need curing this time, you may click here.
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