Are you ready for this happening to you?
Last Thursday was quite a day in the Kennedy-Roark household.

In the morning, we received the good news that Lily's COVID test came back negative. Thankfully, it turns out that her symptoms have more to do with her annual fall allergies than contracting the virus. We are grateful for that.

Thursday evening, Lori got an email from the Department of Health; someone who visited the dentist on the same day Lori did recently tested positive for COVID and so now Lori must self-quarantine until October 14th. She had no contact with this person, but they were in the same building on the same day, and so she must quarantine. While I must isolate from her -- sleeping in a different room; using a different bathroom; etc. -- I do not have to self-quarantine and can legally and medically leave the house and go to work, according to state policy and medical rules. I will isolate within the house, and I will quarantine with her also, leaving only on Monday to purchase some food at BJs for the week on an off hour when there will be fewer people there. That is legally permissible for me, but not for her. We shall both be done with quarantine on Thursday, October 15th.

This is why there is no Eucharist Sunday, October 11th -- it is imprudent in my view, and in the views of Fay and our wardens, to potentially expose anyone to anything, and I would never want to do that. So Deacon Norm shall lead morning prayer tomorrow at 8 and 9 and I shall lead worship as usual at our 10 am Zoom service. I am grateful for Deacon Norm jumping in at the last minute to do this.

Lori and I are also grateful that neither of us are showing any symptoms of anything (and we both have fall allergies that will kick in at some point), but we are going to be cautious because we believe that is the right thing to do for all involved.

Are you ready for this happening to you?

The odds are good that one of these scenarios will happen to you and/or someone you love. We are entering a new phase in our response to COVID. Are you ready?

Allergy season will soon be upon us. Flu season will soon be upon us. People you know (and perhaps you yourself) will learn -- out of the blue -- that you must immediately quarantine due to someone who has tested positive that you may not even know or never even have met.

Are you ready for this?

There are things you can do to get prepared now. Here are a few:

  • Know how to get tested for COVID and don't hesitate to be tested.
  • Get your flu shot.
  • Manage your fall allergies and have all medicines you use ready and on hand.
  • Have some extra non-perishable food in the house.
  • Keep some extra cash on hand to pay delivery people and other services you may use.
  • Sign up for a local food delivery service.
  • And be sure to contact us so COGS can deliver you groceries and/or prepared food as part of our Good Shepherd Food ministry, if you need it.

If you are a member of our our Food Ministry program, know that people -- especially those who live alone and are going to find themselves in the shocking discovery of having to immediately self-quarantine -- are going to need shopping and food help. Don't be surprised when the requests start coming for support. Lori and I are fine, but others may not be so lucky.

Are you still available to serve on this important food ministry?

If you haven't been a part of this ministry before, would you like to help now?

Contact Bruce Barber to learn more. I have spoken with Bruce, and I am grateful for his problem-solving of how we can be ready for this next phase of our COVID response.

We shall get through this next phase, Beloved, and we shall get through it together.

Let's be prepared.

With love and prayers,

Fr. Hal

"Glory to God,
whose power, working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine:
Glory to him from generation to generation
in the church and in Christ Jesus for ever and ever. Amen"
Ephesians 3:20
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