“I was glad when they said to me, let
us go unto the house of the Lord.”
Psalm 122
Dear Ones ~

At approximately 11:00 AM this morning, Westley Byrne, Junior Warden, Barney Forsythe, Senior Warden, and I gathered in the office of Scott Graber, a member of our congregation and our attorney. We each signed the papers completing the sale of Union Church to St. Mark’s. With countless pages of documents and with a few signatures, our search for a church home came to a very successful conclusion.

For the past nine years, we have gathered in the sanctuary of this historic church, where we have celebrated the grace of God in word and sacrament. We have prayed, and sung the great hymns of our faith, just as those in generations before us have done within the walls of Union Church.

Now, we can truly call Union Church our home. With this reality comes a sacred responsibility. We are now not simply the owners of this historic building, but are also the caretakers of this house of worship. As such, we will lovingly care for the building and grounds. We will be the ones to make sure the legacy of this lives on for us and for generations to come. 

With the purchase of this building, we have found a home; we also have accepted great responsibilities and wonderful opportunities. We have the opportunity to open wide the doors of Union Church and welcome the community to “Come and See.” Come and see this house of worship. Come and see community events. Come and see film festivals, lectures and intimate concerts. Come and see plays, dramatic readings, and works of art. By offering St. Mark’s/Union Church as a scared space for worship, as well as for the arts and culture, we continue a historic tradition of churches throughout the centuries as a place that reflects the many manifestations of God’s presence in our daily lives.

The prophet Isaiah, speaking to a people who were returning to freedom from slavery, from exile to home, “Mine house of prayer shall be a house for all people.” (Isaiah  56:7) We now have the opportunity to make those words ring true for St. Mark’s/Union Church.

This wonderful and historic day could not have happened without the support and love of so many people. My thanks to all who have brought us to this new day.

Now, by the grace of God, we have a home. Now, more than ever, may we continue to invite all to “Come and See.”