Dear Ones,

Several years ago, my friend the Rev. Sallie Shippen, invited me to join with her in a Lenten Covenant. With Lent approaching, I am writing you with an invitation to join with me and others as we form a Lenten Covenant group at St. Mark’s.

Here’s how it works: each person agrees to pray for one another and read the Bible each day during Lent. When you pray and what part of the Bible you choose to read is up to you as long as you commit to doing so each day. I can’t begin to tell you how moving it is to know that throughout the season of Lent, others are holding you in daily prayer as you pray for them. We begin on Ash Wednesday, March 6, and conclude on Holy Saturday, April 20. I have included some suggestions (see below) to help you with your Lenten Covenant experience.
Anyone who wishes to join may do so. It is not limited to members of St. Mark’s. You may wish to ask friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers to join us. You may also list a special prayer request for others to offer to God.

Please pray and think about joining us on this journey of daily prayer and reading of God’s word.  Copies of the Lenten Covenant will be available in the church or Center. Fill out the bottom portion and drop it in the offering place or in the box at the Center, OR contact me at church or via my email at stmarkscrector@gmail . If you find this will add to your Lenten experience, please let me know by March 3.
I will compile the list of participants and mail or email it to each of you. May God’s mercy and grace be with you as Lent approaches and always.



Some Suggestions for Keeping Your Covenant
Remember that you have promised the read from THE BIBLE. Other devotional reading is on your time, but not part of the Covenant.
 •Choose a time of day you feel will work for you and try to do your covenant then.
 •Keep your participant prayer list with your Bible so you can consult it daily.
• Use any translation of the Bible you like to read. Important: make sure the print is large enough for you to read comfortably and the book a size you can easily hold.
 •Annotated Bibles or Study Bibles may be helpful for you to use.
•What to read? Here are some ideas:
           Read a chapter or two in one book of the Hebrew scriptures, a chapter or two in one book of the New Testament, and a psalm or two each day.
           Or, you might want to follow the readings for the Daily Office, found in the Prayer Book beginning on page 934. We are in Year One this year.
           Or, pick a book and read it through to the end, then pick another. 
• If you make your commitment realistic, you’ll have more success. Even if you miss a day, don’t give up! Others will be praying for you. It will give you strength to continue.
• You might want to make a list of your readings, to mark your progress for yourself.
 • Remember to pray also for yourself as you go through your Lenten reading and prayers.
                        May you be blessed in keeping your Covenant.