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Vol 5, Issue 7                          Be the change. Volunteer.                              July 2016
July is fly'n by, 
Between BBQs, block parties, and the beach, New Jersey in the summer can be a beautiful thing. What do all those things have in common? Community. And you can celebrate yours when you take a couple of hours to be a part of it.

Whether it's soaking in the rays at Newark's Branch Brook Park -- our newest  Earth Keepers volunteer opportunity -- or getting some belated spring cleaning out of the way by donating your book bags to our  Annual School Supply Drive, you can celebrate our big New Jersey community with Jersey Cares this summer.
365 Days of Volunteering

Every day, we need you to make a change in our communities. 
Check out some of our favorite projects this month! 

Earth Keepers is branching out with this brand new volunteer opportunity in  Newark! Known nationally as the first park open to the public in the United States, local treasure Branch Brook Park needs you! 

Volunteers will work directly with trained Master Gardeners to remove invasive species, plant native plants, maintain historic trails, and more!  Join Earth Keepers in Newark on  alternating Monday and Thursday mornings .

Each year, thousands of New Jersey children attend their first day of school without basic educational tools such as backpacks, notebooks and calculators. These children struggle to succeed academically.

The Jersey Cares Annual School Supply Drive works with dozens of schools, children's shelters and community centers with the goal that one day soon no child in New Jersey will have to experience a first day of school without these basic necessities. 


To collect school supplies, please click here


To donate school supplies online, please click here.

Volunteer Star:  Ambica Mallipeddi

New to the United States, transplant-turned-Season of Service leader Ambica Mallipeddi decided to begin volunteering as a way to explore her new country and her community. As a Season of Service Project Coordinator, Ambica connected with the projects at Josephine's Place, an organization committed to women's empowerment. In whatever free time she has between teaching Computer Essentials and chasing her toddler around, she tends to her vegetable garden. Whether it's cooking with freshly grown ingredients from her garden or training volunteers and clients valuable life skills, Ambica knows a thing or two about growing relationships from scratch.  Read more about July's Star here

Serve A Year: Ready Corps

Are you ready for a sabbatical from the day-to-day? Are you seeking to make a career change? Are you retired and seeking a way to donate your experience? 

We're seeking experienced professionals or young adults to serve full-time for one full year as an AmeriCorps Member. AmeriCorps will provide medical benefits, paid vacation and a modest living stipend while you work to prepare New Jersey residents for disasters. Click here to learn more

Corporate Corner
Prologis Makes an IMPACT Both Locally and Globally
As a part of their global IMPACT Day, employees from Prologis participated in service projects around the world to benefit communities, schools and nonprofit organizations. 30 Prologis employees from the East Rutherford, NJ office made an impact locally at a school in Paterson, NJ. These volunteers worked extremely hard building picnic tables and planting flowers for the courtyard, repainting the lines of the outdoor basketball court, running a "Fit & Fun" workshop for students, and painting a United State Map on the blacktop. Not only did the work of these volunteers directly impact the lives of children in Paterson, but they also helped form a larger movement by Prologis around the globe. 

For more information on the Jersey Cares Corporate Service Program, please contact Michelle Dee.
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