Red Cosmic Moon - Universal Water

Living Life as the Flow  

Healing, Freedom, Presence, and Conscious Continuity
Overview-Part 1
July 26, 2018 - July 24, 2019 
Happy Red Cosmic (13) Moon Year, a year of honoring the Sacred Continuity of our lives as we consciously spiral into a new day with Presence...and the Freedom this engenders

This year we are celebrating a New Year on the 13th and final year of a Red Moon cycle that began on July 26, 2006, in the Red Magnetic (1) Moon Year. The number 13 is a magical one, opening the door into the unknown, the universal flow,  and heretofore unimaginable. There are no roadmaps! It is the number of the energy of the Divine Feminine and of Living Life AS the Flow...

Kin 169, Red Cosmic Moon is simultaneously the 13th and final day of the Red Earth Wavespell. The Red Earth Wavespell initiates, as first day of, the Yellow castle of Ripening and Flowering.

13 has the potency to burst open the Seed (4) 1+3 = 4 into an awareness and the fullness of its holographic potential. We collectively stand on the threshold of an extraordinary Harvest - What will we each and together choose? 

Centering NOW in this Sacred Moment, let us look at the Continuity of our lives since July 2006 for the purposes of moving into the Flow,  and becoming one with it, feeling into our own personal progression with compassion and awe, witnessing what is being reflected outwardly in our lives and collectively in the world, and utilizing what we have discovered as a platform for sacred flight into a new 13 year cycle and a new day...

Its important to remember, as we reflect, that there may have been times when we appear to have moved backward, and yet this is all a part of the in-breath and out-breath of non-linear time, the peeling away of layers for a deeper look and understanding, moving in and out as we go, just like the tides...ever more consciously and co-creatively..each and together, making our way with increasing Patience and Trust, deepening Love, Presence, and with the ability to let go...

Standing in Sacred Pause and Centered on the Timeline, Healing Backwards and Forwards - feeling all that has brought us to this moment of Stepping into Universal Flow...Life is a Prayer - Trinity speaks as one as we return to the One - riding the Wave, Becoming the Ocean...
We are Golden Seeds of Possibility, Gifts of Transparency, and Beacons of Hope and Heart Healing - Together we Weather all Storms
Cultivating a Deep and Wide View We Nurture a Soulful Life, Regenerating, Catalyzing, Alchemizing, Hands as Heart Extensions, Holding High a Star to Light the Way ...That Star, She Carries Us Through...

 Blossoming on the Shore Anew, We Trust the Call of Spirit, and Embrace Life as an  Epic Adventure

On the Wings of Freedom, and as our own Heart Navigators, We Soar

following the Synchronicities we have come to know as the Soul's crumb trail and evolution in motion shores Beyond our Wildest Imaginings...Exploring New Horizons, Reaching Still-point Within...

Entering Stillpoint

From this place of Quiet Inner Knowing

May we each do our part.

true colors shining

no one lesser or greater

and enter the flow.

Let us together stand

As Vital and Valuable, Whole and Complete Individual Aspects

Godseeds, Starseeds

perfect in our imperfection.

Not one of us can do or be it all,

yet we are ALL because we are ONE..

Somewhere over the rainbow

we have glimpsed this, felt this..

and lived this! 

We remember that Heaven is where we stand, 

and that Gratitude and Forgiveness open the Door to the Garden;

Teachers and students for each other all.

There are many Paths and Infinite Truths

Merging Now in a multi-colors Creative Cauldron 

Rainbowed Oceanic, we Glow.

It is our Heart Song

that Lights the Joy-filled Way

North, East, West, South, Above, Below


with Deepest Love of the Mystery

We Paint the Day,

We Walk in Beauty

...Until Part 2...
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When you let go, is when you start freeing yourself.
It is totally up to you, to unleash the enchantment and grace of your magic and even more so, to believe in it.
~author/ess unknown


 With Love and Gratitude for the Journey
 Sarah Honu-Heart Gallant