Councilmember Susan Wengraf
Newsletter #84

October 21, 2020

Another Red Flag Day Warning - BE ALERT
National Weather Service Red Flag Warning Declared

    From 10:00 pm Wednesday, October 21th, until 8:00 am Friday, October 23th, the East Bay/Berkeley Hills will be under a Red Flag Warning. 

    A Red Flag Warning is issued when conditions that may result in extreme wildfire behavior will occur within 24 hours. A Red Flag Warning is the highest alert. The conditions include low relative humidity, strong winds, dry fuels, the possibility of dry lightning strikes, or any combination of the above. Extreme heat is not a major factor leading to a Red Flag Warning, but heat does dry out vegetation faster.

    During this high wildfire danger period, extreme caution is urged by all residents, because a single spark can cause a major wildfire.

    All Grizzly Peak vehicle traffic is prohibited from stopping at all lookouts and turnouts on Grizzly Peak. Cars parked illegally at these locations during these hours are subject to citation. 
    Barbeques are prohibited in all City parks when there is a Red Flag warning in effect.
    If You Ever Feel Unsafe, Leave Early. When in doubt, get out!

    Make sure that you:
  • Subscribe to AC ALERT
  • Remain alert and monitor conditions around you
  • Heed any AC Alerts and other Notifications & Warnings
  • Review your Go-Bag and ensure that it is complete, packed and accessible
  • Have two routes to get down the hill and note if there are any barriers (if need be, leave a note on any cars asking them to relocate so that the evacuation route remains unclogged and first responders can get in)
  • Have at least 1/2 tank of fuel in your vehicle and park facing the street or down hill. If you keep your car in the garage, make sure that you know and practice how to open and close your garage door without power
  • Be ready to assist your neighbors if an evacuation is ordered
  • Please DO NOT smoke or use power tools or grills/barbecues or create any source of flame or spark outside
  • Avoid driving or parking in dry grass or vegetation
    PG&E has announced that it is planning to shut off power to some areas of Alameda County. This "Public Safety Power Shutoff" (PSPS) does NOT currently include Berkeley. If this changes, Berkeley officials will send an AC Alert message to notify subscribers. Community members can look up addresses on the PG&E website to learn whether a shutoff is likely for the address.

Ballot box in front of 2180 Milvia
    The Alameda County Registrar of Voters has finally installed official and secure Ballot Drop Boxes at new locations in Berkeley. You can bring your filled out and signed ballot to any of these 24-hour drop boxes:


  • North Branch Library, 1170 The Alameda
  • Berkeley Civic Center Building, 2180 Milvia
  • UCB, between Sather Gate and Architects & Engineers Building
  • Frances Albrier Recreation Center, 2800 Park St
  • Claremont Branch Library, 2940 Benvenue Ave
  • West Branch Library, 1125 University Ave


    If you prefer to vote or deliver your ballot in person, you can go to a voting center.  Bring your paper ballot with you if you plan to vote in person at the voting center.

  • Epworth United Methodist Church, 1953 Hopkins St
  • Northbrae Community Church, 941 The Alameda 
  • MLK Student Union, Pauley Ballroom, 2455 Bancroft Way 
  • Berkeley High School Gym, 1980 Allston Way 
  • Willard Middle School, 2425 Stuart St . 
  • Longfellow School Gym, 1500 Derby St. 
  • Ed Robert Campus, 3045 Adeline St 
  • Lawrence Hall Of Science, 1 Centennial Dr. 
    Voting center open days and hours are:
    Track your ballot online with the California Secretary of State to see when it is mailed, received, and counted.
Don't Be Misled by "Pay to Play" Slate Mailers
Slate Mailers     Overwhelmed by all the campaign mail? Confused about how to vote? There is so much mail coming at us, it is hard to know what to trust.

    Know your sources! Some candidates, Measures, and Propositions purchase space in slate mailers, so that it looks like an endorsement. Don't be fooled...for a few hundred dollars any candidate or Proposition or Measure can appear on a "pay to play" slate card.

    Make sure the card is from a legitimate organization that you trust and respect. For a reliable and impartial analysis and in-depth information on propositions, measures and candidates, go to: Voter's Edge, sponsored by the League of Women Voters.
COVID-19 Updates

    Decreasing COVID-19 case rates and lower test positivity are allowing the City and County to slowly open activities in a phased manner that minimizes the potential for a spike in infections.

   Last week Berkeley's Health Officer authorized the opening of the city's  66

    We are hopeful that the following activities will be allowed shortly:
  • Indoor dining up to 25% capacity or less than 100 people, whichever is less
  • Indoor worship services up to 25% capacity or less than 100 people, whichever is less
  • Indoor movie theaters up to 25% capacity or less than 100 people, whichever is less.
Emergency Notifications
     AC Alert will be Berkeley's primary emergency alerting system for the public. It is one of the tools the City of Berkeley uses to communicate emergency information and instructions to the community. AC Alert can send:
  • Voice alerts to phones
  • SMS text messages
  • Email
  • TTY/TDD messages
    Listed AT&T "land lines" are automatically included to receive voice messages from AC Alert for emergency warnings. Community members must sign up to receive voice or text alerts on cell phones, VoIP phones, unlisted phones, TTY/TDDs or through email.

    If you want to receive emergency alerts and updates, sign up for AC Alert.
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  • Have a favorite pothole you want filled?
  • Want to report illegal dumping?
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