South Miami City News & Updates
Sept. 3, 2020 | Issue 18
Business as Usual During ‘Not-So-Normal’ Times
At a time when few things are seen as “usual,” by all appearances, this week’s City Commission meeting truly was business as usual – with action taken on several key items affecting the everyday lives of South Miami residents.

The meeting commenced with a City Manager report, highlighting the reopening of the Fitness Center at the Gibson-Bethel Community Center, with reduced Business hours. Please note Holiday hours on Monday.

Also noted, in recognition of Labor Day on Sept. 7, City offices are closed for the Federal holiday. Trash and garbage service will be operating on a holiday schedule, with Monday’s scheduled pick up now taking place Tuesday, Sept. 8; and Tuesday’s pick ups set for Wednesday, Sept. 9.

The Manager also reported that work on the new traffic circle at SW 69 St. and SW 63 Ave. is in progress; crews will soon begin installation of the new bicycle lanes along SW 64 St. between SW 62 and SW 57 Avenues; and LED up-lighting was installed at Dante Fascell Park, illuminating the three new sculptures there.

Moving down the meeting agenda, action items requiring public comment and Commission approval included:

Coronavirus Relief Fund
A Resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute the Interlocal Agreement for a Federally funded sub-award in relation to the CARES Act (the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, & Economic Security Act) received unanimous approval by the City Commission. Under the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF), Miami-Dade County received $474 million.

This Interlocal Agreement ensures dissemination of CRF dollars to reimburse the City of South Miami for eligible expenditures related to reimbursement of FEMA local-match expenditures, as well as CARES Act-eligible governmental operational expenditures that are not FEMA reimbursable; and for municipal programmatic proposals.

Red-Light Cameras
A Resolution allowing Redflex Traffic Systems to continue operating the City’s red-light camera enforcement program with traffic infraction detectors at numerous locations – at no cost to the City, passed unanimously. The current contract with Redflex ended Sept 1.

This new five-year agreement allows the City to continue to maintain its current services at the original contract pricing, with the ability to terminate the contract at any time with 30 days notice. The $17,000 per month fee is completely offset by the fines that are issued and collected.

Refinance Loan
Also unanimously passed was an Ordinance authorizing the City to enter into a loan agreement to refinance certain of the City’s outstanding indebtedness (and cover related refinancing fees), in the principal amount not to exceed $5.1 million. Kudos for this major cost-saving measure were extended to the entire financial team that managed and executed this outstanding achievement.

NOTE: Not included in this review are agenda items that did not gain Commission approval or were set for additional readings at a future Commission meeting.