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MBTA Coronavirus Updates
For schedule changes, service levels and general information related to COVID-19 and the MBTA, visit this page.
Board Votes on Proposed Cuts
The Fiscal and Management Control Board (FMCB), which closely monitors the MBTA's finances, management, and operations, voted on its proposals for upcoming frequency and route cuts, as the MBTA faces ridership shortages and revenue losses. Below, I've outlined the changes that impact the towns and city I serve, so you can approach the coming months prepared.

Where possible, the MBTA will focus on still providing service while reducing frequency to match ridership needs. The agency continues to promise that these changes are not permanent; service will be added back in response to a number of factors, including public health guidelines, the state's re-opening and vaccination plans, and the return of sustained ridership.

The flood of public comments and high attendance at public meetings positively influenced the Board's final decisions. Before the final proposal came to a vote by the Board, the MBTA highlighted in its presentation the ways in which vast engagement from constituents impacted the final proposal. The MBTA's Public Engagement Summary Report acknowledges the 2,010 attendees at the 11 virtual public meetings, 8,130 comments during the meetings and through an online feedback form, and 1,463 emails sent to the MBTA.

Thank you to all those who wrote in to the MBTA, attended a virtual public meeting, or voiced concerns to my office. Together, we made an impact. While the MBTA still faces cuts and revenue shortages, the final package that was approved by the Board is far less severe than the original proposal and, I believe, will provide for a quicker return to normal service levels when needed.
Red Line Will Run After Midnight
Because of feedback that late-night transit service provides transportation to essential workers, the FMCB voted to continue to operate rapid transit after midnight, though a 20% reduction in frequency on that service is planned to begin in March or April.

As always, Red Line schedule and alerts can be found at
Bus Route 230 Saved
Due to rider feedback, Route 230 will continue to operate between Braintree and Quincy Center, a section of the route that was originally set to be eliminated.

Other originally proposed changes, including frequency cuts, and route elimination and consolidation, were approved by the Board and will begin in March or April.
Commuter Rail Updates
The Fiscal Management and Control board voted to maintain some weekend service on high ridership or "transit critical" commuter rail lines. Of the lines that travel through the Quincy Center and Braintree stations, the Middleborough/ Lakeville line will maintain some weekend service. Weekend service will end for other lines at Quincy Center and Braintree beginning in January.

In March or April, Commuter Rail service will still end at 9PM, and peak and off-peak frequency will be reduced.
You can check out the proposed impact on your commute by using the T's interactive tool, found here. Just scroll down the page a bit to the Service Changes Map, and you'll find drop down menus which allow you to check by community, change, or route. Routes that are denoted as "at or above baseline frequency standards" will face a 5% cut in frequency, and routes "below baseline levels of service" will face a 20% cut in frequency. 
Federal Funding On Its Way?
Congress passed a federal stimulus package, which, if signed by the President, will provide $15 billion in funding for transit systems nationwide. This funding falls short of the $32 billion that the MBTA General Manager and transit officials across the country called for, and which I also called upon our Congressional delegation to meet. However, it is my hope that the funding will begin to help strengthen the MBTA.
Next Steps for Quincy Bus Facility
Last week, the MBTA gave an update relative to the new Quincy Bus Facility across the street from the Quincy Adams Station. If you missed the virtual meeting, you can find the presentation and discussion here.
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As the Commonwealth and its agencies plan for the year ahead, I will continue to follow any further developments related to the MBTA and will keep you updated with important announcements.

Thank you again for staying involved and active. Working together, we will keep Massachusetts moving forward.

I hope you and your families have a happy and healthy holiday season!
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