February 14, 2019
We're on our way!
Phase I of the renovation of Union Church has begun. If you missed the congregational meeting last Sunday, view the presentation by Jim Buggy of the Episcopal Church Foundation HERE . For a virtual walk-through of the design by architects Jane and Michael Frederick, click HERE .
I nquirers classes continue
The third of the four-session series will be Feb. 19 at 6:30 PM and Feb. 20 at 10 AM in the Center. The class is perfect for anyone who wishes to get a better understanding of the Episcopal Church, as well as those seeking confirmation or reception, although no commitment is required. If you missed the first sessions, Rev. Roy can tell you how to catch up. Email him HERE.
Join the Lenten Covenant
You received information via “Rector’s Thoughts” on Feb. 6 (click HERE to reread) about the Lenten Covenant. To participate, pick up a form on the table in the narthex and drop it in the offering plate, bring it by the Center, or just email Rev. Roy at stmarkscrector@gmail.com. Deadline for signing up is March 3.
Deadline for funding requests from Outreach
The Outreach and Mission Committee will hold its first meeting of the year Tues., Feb. 19 , at 4 PM to review funding requests. Request forms are available on St. Mark's website and must be filled out and submitted before the meeting. Click HERE for the form or pick one up in the Center.
Habitat Faith Build--fun with a purpose
A new Faith Build home will soon be under construction in Mossy Oaks. Join Sally Mayse and other volunteers to help make this dream a reality for a local family. She'll lead a St. Mark's team for a half-day each week until the house is done. The team doesn't need to be the same each week and carpentry skills aren't required, just a willing heart and the ability to follow directions. If you've completed volunteer orientation, call or email Sally to sign on at 843.838.3407 or smayse44@gmail.com .   If you haven't attended orientation, a 45 minute session is held at the Habitat offices on Parris Is. Gtwy. on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 10 AM, no reservation necessary.
Annual Retreat to be closer to home
We've already tentatively filled 8 of the 30 rooms for the 2nd annual Parish Retreat on Oct. 18-20 at beautiful Epworth-by-the-Sea on St. Simon's Island. This location offers lovely indoor and outdoor spaces and is only a 2-hour drive from Beaufort. Cost is $104.39 (plus tax) per person per night for a double and $154.13 (plus tax) per person per night for a single, all meals included. We’d like to get a preliminary count (non-binding), so if interested, contact Carter Hoyt at carterhoyt@comcast.net.  View the accommodations and other facilities at www.epworthbythesea.org.
Are you lost? Read this
Now that we're seriously getting into architecture and building, here are some terms you may hear bandied about. The narthex of a church is the entryway or foyer. The nave is where the congregation sits. The chancel (non-existent in St. Mark's) leads up to the altar, which is in the sanctuary. (In larger churches the choir stalls are in the chancel and the sanctuary is separated from the chancel by an altar rail.) The sacristy is the room where communion vessels, vestments, etc., are kept and is currently located in the old museum. In England back in the day, church leaders met in the room where the priest put on his vestments (the vestry), which is why Episcopal parish governing bodies are called vestries. Quiz next Thursday.
Attention ushers, acolytes, gospel bearers, readers, new volunteers
If you're on the list of servers, look for a sign-up call next week to fill in a schedule that will take us to the 2nd Sunday of Easter. Please reply with your available dates as promptly as possible. If you're not on the list, we encourage you to volunteer--we'll train you! Just contact the office to get started.
Happy Valentine's! Hope you got flowers...
...'cause we need the vase! If you don't want it, please bring it to the Center or put it in the storage room by the narthex. We need more vases for altar flower delivery to members who are ill, shut-in or grieving. We also need someone to deliver flowers on the first Sunday of each month.(The other Sundays are covered.) To suggest a recipient for altar flowers, please email the office.
Mark your calendar
  • Vestry Meeting--Mon., Feb. 18, 4 PM in the Center
  • God-on-Tap--Thurs., Feb. 28, 6-8 PM, Beaufort Bread Co., Lady's Island.

  • READINGS for Sun, Feb. 17: Jeremiah 17:5-10, Psalm 1, 1 Corinthians 15:12-20, Luke 6:17-26
  • THE CONTEMPLATIVE Prayer Group's meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 6 PM at the Parichys'. Contact Judy Parichy for information HERE.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS POLICY: Deadline for this newsletter and the Sunday bulletin is 5 PM on Tuesdays. Verbal announcements during services should be cleared with the Vestry Person on Duty in advance.
St. Mark's Prayer Ministry
To have members of our prayer ministry pray for you or a loved one, contact Debbie Dawsey-Davis at  debdd3@gmail.com or 843-812-8255. 
Unsure about service dates?
Acolytes, ushers, readers, etc. click HERE to find out when you serve.

To see available dates for altar flowers, click HERE . To donate, please fill out a flower envelope available in the church or Center.
Parish Office
843 379-1020
Office hours are
Tues., Wed., Thurs. 9-2