The evictions process simplified.

We've created a timeline of the evictions process as it stands currently. Taking into account the legal requirement to give 6 months' notice and no evictions until 31st May 2021.
You can't call 999 for every emergency.

If you’re a landlord and your tenant calls about a drain that’s blocked or a boiler that won’t work, it is an emergency. It needs dealing with fast, and we all know that rush jobs can be costly. As a landlord, sorting the issue can leave a big, unwelcome dent in your finances.
Red Nose Day at LforL.

The world needs laughter now more than ever, that's why we got stuck in on Red Nose Day to help raise some laughs - and lots of money for Comic Relief. We even had an exciting (and safe) visit from our RentalPassport ambassador, Lucy Alexander. Cake sales, baby photo competitions and quizzes - what more could you ask for on a Friday afternoon in March. Thank you for all your kind donations.

Yet to donate to Comic Relief? Don't worry, you can still do so here.
85% of landlords don't have rent protection insurance.

Is that you?

At LegalforLandlords, we don’t just consider rent protection insurance as an optional extra. We consider it an essential. Why? Because we’ve seen the devastation caused when rental income isn’t on track or dries up altogether.
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