Earn Red Points with Your Valentine
Feb. 2, 2021
Double Red Points for Valentine's Weekend
We're joining with the American Contract Bridge League to offer double points - half red and half black - Valentine's weekend. Please join us for an additional game on Saturday, Feb. 13, at 3 p.m., as well as our regular game on Sunday, Feb. 14 ,at 3 p.m.
Club Manager Chuck Abramo
Becomes Bronze Life Master
Congratulations to Chuck Abramo, Sun Valley Bridge Club manager and ACBL-certified teacher and director, who is now a bronze life master. The bronze life master title is one step above the rank of life master. Chuck remembers his first bridge game in a recent e-newsletter article.
Exactly What Does That Bid Mean?
Because Sun Valley Bridge's focus is to provide a comfortable environment for newer players, we do not require convention cards. If your opponents have not posted a card, please assume that they are playing Standard American to the best of their ability and avoid delaying the game or possibly intimidating them with questions on routine bids.

Having said that, we encourage everyone to post convention cards. We expect our more experienced players to do so. Please post a card if you are playing the 2/1 system of bidding, if you use any conventions that require an alert, or if you have more than 50 masterpoints. You can find sample convention cards under the "account" setting on BridgeBase.com. We also want to run a fair game, so do contact the director if you feel you may have been damaged by an unusual bid.

Who Are You?
We do require real first and last names in your BBO profile, in keeping with our goal of creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. This way we can greet each other and get to know our visitors.
Online Lessons: Take Your Winners Now or Later?
Sign up for an online lesson with friends from throughout North America!
  • Point-Showing Redoubles: "The Hand Is Ours, Partner," Feb. 4
  • Double Your Skills – Review of Takeout Doubles, Negative Doubles, Doubles to Show a Strong Hand plus Redoubles and Support Doubles, Feb. 8 & 11
  • Revisiting Loser on Loser Plays (back by popular demand), Feb. 15 (Presidents' Day Holiday) & Feb. 17
  • When to Duck: Should You Take a Winner Now or Later? Feb. 22 & 24
Click here for the online lesson schedule.
Help Us Support YMCA
Our annual fundraiser for the Wood River Community YMCA will be virtual this year. We'll have details soon on ways to help the Y, which is a wonderful home for Sun Valley Bridge and a tremendous community asset during the pandemic.
Join Us at Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Bridge Retreat
Join us for four days and three nights of bridge lessons, duplicate games with masterpoints, gourmet meals, fun and fellowship in the spectacular setting of the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch this summer. The June retreat is sold out; a few accommodations are left for the August retreat.
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