hEy everybody, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written… how are yA?
Holdin’ up out there?

Today’s email is all about REDHEAD & celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the original release in 2002! In all honesty, I wasn’t going to tackle any of this. Life is just.. busy, expensive, overwhelming, underwhelming, everything in between - you get it, because you are also a human living on this planet in 2022! BUT, I’m glad I did. Seeing everyone’s responses to the 8/27 show announcement + yesterday’s social media response to your favorite track from this record, has me misty to revisit the album that “started it all” – my career in music. Of course this album means a lot to me, and I’m so happy to see it still seems to mean a lot to you too. 
…today marks the first day you can pre-order REDHEAD on VINYL! Yes, I’m very excited to hold a copy myowndamnself! We are going to manufacture this album ONCE, there won’t be a ton of extra copies, if any, maybe only a few, so what that means is, if you’d like a copy of this record, literally now is the time to buy it.

I’ve had to license this album from SONY, (meaning, I have to give them money to print these, $5 per unit to be exact). I don’t own these records, 2002 or 2003 version. Don’t get too mad at SONY, they’ve been pretty easy to communicate with on this, we talked them down from a higher rate, and they are even going to give me a lil’ smidge of marketing support.

I decided, in light of current economics, that I didn’t want this album to break the bank (meaning it’s for YOU, not me, as I will make almost no money). Hence it’s one red opaque 12” for $30 plus shipping and handling. …here’s where I have to let a few people down by not doing double vinyl and having to cut some tracks from the vinyl release. Ya just can’t squeeze 14 long songs on two sides without it sounding like utter crap.

…here’s allll the good news:
I’ve chosen to work with the great people over at Diggers Factory who help bands like me prepare vinyl pre-orders similar to how a “Kickstarter” works. We’ll need to sell a minimum amount to cover manufacturing costs, and once that happens, we’re pressing this baby! They have pretty quick turn-around times, and they offer both US and International shipping rates. Diggers has been a gem to work with as well. They are re-creating all of the original artwork with me, and just really kinda kicking ass.

140g Red opaque vinyl, DMM cut

Re-mastered for Vinyl (this is a big deal, and should theoretically be the best sounding versions of these songs ever released)

Full color printed insert with lyrics and liner notes included

Exclusive unreleased digital bonus track "Loveless" included with Redhead Vinyl order! 
(recorded with the original band shortly before the official Redhead sessions began)
I mastered “Loveless” myself and am kinda psyched with how it sounds
(it’s got a true Redhead mojo!)

OK. Last reiteration on this vinyl release. Please pick up your copy asap as it’s essentially a “Limited Edition” one-time run. Once we set the total quantity to print, that’s IT! So please pre-order and reserve your copy today, tomorrow, or very very very very soon!
thank you!!!

Many of you already have your tickets for the Boston/Cambridge show on August 27th at the Sinclair! We are going to have a big ol’ good time seeing everyone’s faces again! I literally can’t wait. I’ll be on stage with MAX, GUERRA, SETH, JP and we are prepping my longest live set ever. Most of Redhead will be played PLUS one song from most of my other records (Even L.E.O.). People are flying in from Colorado, California, Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, Virginia, Tennessee… I’m so honored. Much like the vinyl, this is a one-time-thing. SoOo, if you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, get on this, as we are over ½ sold…. If you buy your TIX at the Sinclair Box Office there are no extra fees + you get an actual hard ticket! 
See you soon!

You know, I know, you know, ♥

news and bits:
the Murders at Starved Rock - have you watched this HBO true crime 3 part series!?
music composed by...Bleu!
Out Now - my song "Fire Alarm" with NCT Dream -
a double platinum release with SM Entertainment
On TV - a song i co-wrote & produced with Mike Taylor is featured in Season 3, Episode 1 of the OWN show All Rise!
...shhhhhhhh - i'm droppin' a new single on July 18th - i think you're gonna like it!