Red Ribbon Roundup
September 2020 |
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"Time To Say Good Bye"

It is hard to believe but it’s time to say “Goodbye.”

The first time I volunteered at Big Bend Cares was over 15 years ago, bagging food. At the time I never dreamed I would ever have the honor and privilege to serve as Board President of Big Bend Cares and Care Point Health & Wellness and now it’s time to pass the gavel on. My two-year term certainly flew by!

But before I step down, I want to say “Thank You” to some very special people:
My fellow Board members – Thank you for serving with me and for your commitment and service to the agency. We have accomplished a lot over the past two years. I am proud of what we have done and hope you are as well.
Rob Renzi, CEO – Thank you for your hard work and dedication. You have made my job so easy and I am very grateful.
All the Staff – Thank you for all that you do every day, especially during the pandemic. Not many people realize that Care Point never closed and never stopped seeing patients that needed health care. All our employees are amazing and I tip my hat to each and every one of you.
The Tallahassee Community – Thank you for your support of Big Bend Cares and Care Point. From Artopia donations to buying children gifts for Holiday Angels, the members of our community are amazing. Your encouragement and assistance mean so much and I am eternally grateful for the widespread community support of our mission.
And finally, a special thank you to Tony - He doesn’t get the recognition or the public kudos but he’s been at every Big Bend Cares event or activity over the past two years, kept dinner warm when board or committee meetings ran long, and been there for whatever I have asked of him.

The agency is in very capable hands with the amazing slate of new officers and the future is bright. Thank you again for your willingness to serve an organization that means so much to so many!

All my best,
Dan Taylor
2018 – 2020 Board President
Holiday Angels
Help Create Happy
Holiday Memories
For Children !
Make a difference this holiday season by helping Big Bend Cares provide gifts to local children in need. Become a "Holiday Angel" today! For more information or to sign up to sponsor a child, email Stephanie Schwartz or call (850) 656 - 2437 ext 109.
When You Join
G.E.M. club,
You're Helping to
Change Lives!
The Big Bend Cares' G.E.M. club is a Monthly Giving program where 100% of every dollar given goes to providing health care services and non-perishable food for Big Bend Cares’ clients. During these challenging times, monthly gifts allow us to consistently provide life-changing services. Become an Opal G.E.M. club member by donating the cost of your morning coffee - just $15 - each month which will in turn provides a food bag to a client facing food insecurity.
We currently need individuals age 18+ to help stuff food bags 1 time per month with non-perishable food items for
our clients
We also need volunteers to work the temperature check-in station at Care Point Health and Wellness.
If you have questions or to volunteer, please email Stephanie Schwartz or call (850) 656 - 2437 ext 109. \ (850) 656 - 2437 \