Update #4 - February 13, 2019
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This week's update on what you'll enjoy at Wine Fest. Each week we'll bring you more information on what you'll experience at the event.

·   $500 raffles (2) sponsored by Tracey Ryk, Realtor, The Group Inc. Real Estate
·   Photo booth sponsored by Jeff Clough, Realtor, The Group Inc. Real Estate
·   “Wall of Wine” raffle brought to you by Disabled Resource Services

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Friday, April 5th | 6 PM - 10 PM | Fort Collins Marriott

Tickets available at winefestfc.org or by calling 970-482-2700
(group discount for six or more)
Wine Wisdom
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Normally one might pick up red roses, but why not go for some red wine instead? Find out about every major type of red wine and a guide to them . Also bring some trivia with you if you head out on a date or just want to chat around the water cooler. Mention Noble Grapes with an article from Wine Folly . This also brings the white grapes into play so we don't forget about them.
Cheers to Our Sponsors
Wine Fest 2018 wants to thank and recognize the generosity of the Banfi Vintners Foundation and the Mariani family.

The Banfi Vintners Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Banfi Vintners, America's leading wine importer, led today by the children and grandchildren of company founder John F. Mariani, Sr. Encouraged by their success in business, the Mariani family established the Banfi Vintners Foundation and from its earnings contributes to leading national charities and higher education through scholarships, fellowships and grants-in-aid.
Bohemian Foundation works to empower citizens and impact communities through its responsive grantmaking programs and special initiatives. The Foundation includes four program areas: Community Programs, Music Programs, Civic Programs, and Global

Since its inception, Bohemian Foundation has awarded grants to local, national, and global nonprofits that support various causes including supporting youth; promoting economic stability; building vibrant communities; providing opportunities and enrichment through music; promoting access to education; alleviating poverty; improving public health; and strengthening democracy. 

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Why Your Support Matters
Disabled Resource Services (DRS) focuses on assisting people with all types of disabilities gain, regain or maintain their independence. We assist those with disabilities in setting and achieving goals, enhancing self-esteem, accessing resources, self-advocacy, peer support and education. We serve Larimer and Jackson counties.

To learn more, please visit our website .
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