Red Brick Schoolhouse Renovation To Be Considered

Following defeat in late October of the Town Board’s second proposal for replacing the Red Brick Schoolhouse (RBSH) and Community Center, a plan has been formulated by the Board for considering renovation of the RBSH only. 

Funktion Design Studio will develop a detailed plan for remodeling and upgrading both sections of the RBSH and doing nothing to the Community Center. Those plans will be developed over the next three months with periodic opportunities for public review and discussion, just as has happened with development of the first two options. Upon completion of that process an estimated project cost will be determined, and another special elector meeting will be convened, probably in April or May, seeking elector approval to proceed with the project. 

Costs associated with developing this option will continue to be paid from the Town's Community Development account (room tax revenues), not with property taxes.
Progress on this will be provided by these outreach messages, as was done in the past. Please watch for future messages.

The Town Board extends to you its wishes for a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019!