Newsletter March 2019
In February of this year 24 couples gathered in Rome, Georgia at the beautiful Winshape retreat center. The men and women traveled from as close as Atlanta, GA and as far away as Lancaster, PA to attend the Battle for Holistic Communion, the second catalytic event in the Battle for Your Marriage (BYM) process. Over 71 couples have participated in the BYM process during the four iterations carried out since 2012. This most recent event was kicked off by a very special vow renewal ceremony of a couple who first battled for their own hearts in the team track and are now seeing God do a miraculous work of restoration in their union through the Battle for the Heart for Marriage.
During the Battle for Women’s Hearts Jesus invited me into death in so many ways, and my good-girl, get-it-right, avoid confrontation pose came unglued. I accessed the deep desires of my heart to love and be loved and was able to trust God even in releasing the futile ways I had held onto my marriage. - Esther Weston

The Battle for Men’s Hearts began with me facing my deepest fear and my Fellowship became immediately essential. I learned how to fight for my own heart first and then do the things to fight for my wife’s heart. I was able to release control of my marriage and trust God with the deep longing of my heart for restoration.
 - Matt Weston
Esther and Matt Weston's story was once marked by a time of marital separation. However, Valentine’s Day [2019] the redemption of their union culminated with a renewal of their wedding vows before a group of fellow BYM participants and their Fellowship who fought for their hearts for more than a decade.
“We could easily write a book on the absolute rescue provided by a willing fellowship. It wasn’t that they were perfect or knew what they were doing, but they were willing. They simply continued to hold us both through whatever came even at great cost to themselves. They suffered their own losses even as we suffered ours.We all had to wrestle with what the process of deep healing in marriage should look like.”
In reality, the mercy of God gave us the perfect set-up to truly learn to release and repent of our protective strategies, thinking that we could make this life work apart from Him. Through the Battle for the Heart and the Battle for Your Marriage, God has not only redeemed our marriage, but our hearts. In rescuing us, our union was also rescued.”
Testimonies From The
Battle For Your Marriage Event

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In his infinite wisdom God chose mankind to reveal his glory. In an incredibly powerful love story, stretching from eternity, he chose YOU to represent him.
You were created for something big. But walking it out – it’s a series of small choices. It’s in the way you respond when your day starts wrong. It’s in the temptation to snap when someone disrespects you. It’s in the choice to engage when you’d rather hold back.  

How does your awareness of the Larger Story impact
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Defining moments: The Impact of the Larger Story
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An interactive time of teaching, Q&A, modeling and practicing engaging using the elevator engaging model.
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All Wellspring alumni who have attended a Battle for Your Domain event.
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Saturday, June 22 - 8:45 - 4 p.m. ET.
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Perimeter Church, Atlanta, GA
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$30 which includes lunch and materials.
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