Inspiring stories about your investments making a difference in LCMS congregations across Texas.
APRIL 2019
Invest in the Space, Expand the Ministry
Your investments through the Church Extension Fund change people's lives every day.

Learn how you can help build the spaces that amplify's God's word.
One Unified Ministry: How Redeemer Austin Repeatedly Commits to Its Community
When Redeemer Lutheran in Austin opened its new 15,000-square-foot cafetorium late last year, it was just the latest physical manifestation of a grand spiritual vision ....
Current CEF Building Projects
As expansion and renovation continues on Peace Hewitt's main building, they're asking members to use extra caution when walking through the building. They've even got hard hats available!
The Family of Faith's new preschool at Miramesa holds chapel daily. The service consists of calling on the name of Jesus, prayer, singing, puppets by Pastor Doug, dancing from Ms. Cora, pledging allegiance to the American flag and to the Cross, and so much fun! Parents of preschoolers are always invited as well.
Expanding God's Kingdom Together
The mission of the Texas District Church Extension Fund is to extend God’s Kingdom by boldly and responsibly assisting congregations to acquire land and buildings and by linking investors with congregations.

The information available through Extension Extra is neither an offer to sell nor a request to buy any investments. This offer is made only in the  Offering Circular  which is available by calling Texas CEF at (888) 951-1233, by writing to Texas CEF, 7900 East Highway 290, Austin, TX 78724, or by visiting Texas CEF's website: