July 2019

  From the Senior Warden
On June 23, Redeemer began its summer schedule with a 9:30 Eucharist Service that  will continue through Labor Day weekend. We will go back to our regular schedule of 8:00/10:15 services on Celebration Sunday, September 8. Throughout the summer we  will have supply priests conducting our services while the Vestry examines resum é s and interviews candidates for interim, priests-in-charge, or rectors. Our supply priest for the month of July will be Father Bruce Davis.

Financially, the church so far this year is maintaining a positive position. Pledging is slightly below budget but so are expenses. During the summer months, pledging tends to lag behind so please help us stay positive. We hope to address some maintenance issues that have crept up over the past few years. You may have noticed the new stove in the kitchen. We now have to address the appearance of rest of the kitchen.

Also on June 23, we said good-bye to two long time valuable members of our congregation who are moving to new locations. We sent them off with a cake and handmade pillows with images of the church. Luisa Andrews, one of the mainstays of the Thrift Shop, is moving to Colorado to be nearer to her family members; and Mary Huber, who works behind the scenes to keep Redeemer running smoothly, is moving to Florida to be with her family. We will miss them both dearly.

On June 16th Redeemer recognized the teachers and children of the Sunday School at the 10:15 service. I want to thank Dot Hall and Janice Dobbs for their faithful service throughout the school year, teaching the Pre-School/K/First Grade Class and the Primary Class respectively. Thanks also to Megan Reiter who filled in when I needed coverage for the Confirmation Class.

We also tried to have a picnic on that day but as soon as we started to set up at Meadowgreen Park, the rain started to come down, so we hightailed it back to church where we made the best of it in the parish hall.

As we negotiate our way through this new time in the life of Redeemer, we will need the help of everyone in the Redeemer family. It is a great time to get involved. If you see something that you think needs to be done, you are probably the best person to do it. Above all, keep the channels of communication open. We need to hear from you.   
George Baughan

Welcome Pastor Bruce

Beginning this Sunday and continuing throughout the month of July, Reverend 
Bruce Davis will be the Sunday Missioner for the Church of the Redeemer. According to the bio he forwarded, last month he celebrated the 40th anniversary of his ordination as a Lutheran pastor, serving congregations in North Philadelphia, Wyndmoor, and Newtown Square and as a campus pastor at the University of Delaware. Since his retirement from full-time ministry in 2015 he has filled in for extended periods at congregations in Folcroft, Woodlyn and Norwood. He and his wife, Hilde, retired in Delaware and have 2 adult daughters. He looks forward to seeing the black-eyed susans bloom this month and Bryce Harper helping the Phillies win for the next 13 seasons.

Upcoming Events

Save the Date 
Sunday, September 8th
Regular Worship Schedule Resumes

Congratulations Graduates

Giovanna Forte, 8 th grade graduate of Sharon Hill School
Jake Berlin, Interboro High School
EJ Dobbs, Haverford High School
Gavin Hendrixson Doyle, Garnet Valley High School

Birthdays and Anniversaries

July Birthdays
7/1 Madison Elizabeth Eisenhuth
7/7 Matthew Pirollo
7/7 Ian Post
7/13 Mildred L. Knorr
7/14 Madison Kathryn Ward
7/15 Tim Kolynych
7/16 Grace Brzezicki
7/18 Margaret (Meg) Hartnett
7/19 Keith Brown
7/21 Stacie Lacava
7/22 Naomi Gordon
7/26 Jack Sproul
7/27 Dawn Altomonte
7/27 Jackie Evans
7/27 Wesley Collins
7/30 Dee Gutierrez
7/31 Jim Lambert
July Anniversaries

7/28/01 Burton Viscusi & Masako Hamada

Redeemer Thrift Shop
The Thrift Shop closed for summer vacation on Tuesday, July 2nd and will reopen on Tuesday, August 20th. We bid farewell and Godspeed to Luisa Andrews as she prepares to move to Colorado to be closer to family members, and offer special thanks to her for her gift of service.

No donations will be accepted while the shop is closed.

Thrift Shop sales for June were $1,527. Total earnings year-to-date are $11,449

Cyn Mattson 610-353-8125

A long-standing tradition of weekly dedicated altar flowers is being revived.  Efforts are being made to refine the process and insure proper recognition and increased participation.  Members honor or remember their loved ones by providing flowers for the altar on a Sunday near or on an anniversary of an important date in the life of their family; a dedication notice is included in the bulletin on the designated Sunday.  As there are two flower arrangements each week, there can be two dedications.  The cost is $20 per dedication.  To participate, either complete a flower request form (these are located at the back of the church) or call/email the church office.  Please allow at least two weeks' notice for proper processing.  The goal is to secure at least one dedication for each Sunday.  Your participation is invited and encouraged!

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Senior Warden
George Baughan

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Summer Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10:30 am - 4:30 pm
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