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Dr. Russell Kirk's  The Conservative Mind Condensed

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The difference between death and taxes is death doesn't get worse every time Congress or the Legislature meets.


You with us? 

Our children and grand children need us to be good stewards of our blessings, including freedoms and liberty!  (Thanks, Kevin)

Under the so-called "fair tax" the current high tax rate$ are guaranteed and then increa$ed with each price increase - and it taxe$ service$, making millions of small companies into revenue agent$. Great idea, LOUSY proposal.  

Off FB: 
Jay Chambers - Excuse me? Since when has the KKK been the Right Wing? How are these jerks, bigots, racists, Conservative? The answer is they are not and the message is flat wrong
Robert Gjonaj Donovic - "Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars." ~ MLK
   You don't get to be a Nazi or racist and also an American. We've literally went to war to stop both Nazi's & Racists.
David Alan Ryan - BLM is a medial approved hate group
Zachary F Carden Jr - I believe BLM is the godchild of Soros
Blogger Saul Anuzis writes almost weekly, mostly on National issues. This week he linked an article that by title suggests a change in his support for an inter-state compact to force the Electoral College to name as President the candidate who g
ets the most votes Nationally. The link, however, was a glowing support of NPV (National Popular Vote). 
  Anuzis was summarily defeated 30% to 70% in his re-election campaign for Republican National Committee. This, after he ran for National Chair a few times, and served at MIGOP Chair. The issue that caused his upset was NPV. He had served as a consulatant for those pushing NPV and delegates saw that as a blatant conflict of interest. 
   The Electoral College was instituted by our founders as a compromise balance to give smaller states some relevance whan it comes to selecting a President and Vice President. High population areas like California and New York could overwhelming many other states who would have little influence. 
   The big (Democrat) population areas would dominate the vote and selection of the President. Last year is a perfect example. Trump won a majority of electors, by a large number. Democrats claimed they won the Nationa Popular Vote. They allege Clinton had 5 Million more votes than Trump in California, giving them a couple million more votes Nationally. But repotedly, California allows illegals and ot
her non-citizens to vote. 
  The Electoral College is made up of one elector for each member of Congress. Michigan has 14 members of the US House and two US Senators so we get 16 electors. Michigan got lots of attention from the Presidential candidates because we were a swing vote last year. If NPV were the law, the candidates wiuld likely visit just major metropolitan areas and states like Michigan would have little influence. 
   Some states select their electors by districts rather than winner-take-all, like Michigan does. Were that the law in just four Midwest states, Republicans would heve elected the last four presidents. 
   So why does a man who served as state party chair, on RNC and ran for RNC Chair keep pushing a system that would elect more Democrats? Some old dogs can't learn new tricks? Or is it the money?   

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George Washington: 

"However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

"The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of the government". Abe Lincoln


Plank #3 - Educators
Focus of testing and/or preparation must be on  the educator more so than the student. In point of fact, the better the educator is prepared the less necessary costly, controversial, often times inaccurate or misrepresented, standardized testing becomes. The core preparation of the educator is to:
1. Curry the ability to reflect the interest and culture of the parents and local community in their forth coming lesson plans.  
2. Master the Socratic Method of teaching critical thinking.  
3. Take what the educator finds interesting and encourage them to teach these things to their students (adhering to preparation 1).  
4. Always present items that may be politically or scientifically controversial in a manner that is honest to the interests of the contravening parties, while mindful of the foundation of the core civics curriculum.  USA Exceptionalism is worth teaching!
5. Have realistic expectations that compensation in public education has traditionally been more purposeful than material, however, teacher compensation in Michigan now averages about 50% more than that of families with children in the classroom. Student populations are declining. Teachers who publicly decry their compensation deface the profession and harm credibility. If you are not happy you can't do your best.

Teaching is a high calling and trust. Should we expect results? Should we try merit pay for great staff? Should we remove staff who do not achieve good student outcomes? A collective never works! Parent controlled education seems to work best, but that requires parent involvement! 
August 14, 2017

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Awesome Commercial without a word!   Here! (Thanks, Melanie)

Ronald Reagan: We can have peace in the next second - if we surrender... We have a randevois with Destiny -  Video  (Thanks, Marcy)

Before you sign up for that basket weaving or psychology curriculum  look at  what the average starting wage is ,   H ere

Take a breath and put things in perspective! 
Traditional Mongolian Music and Dance Ensemble https: Video
And one of our favorite compositions of all time:  Finlandia with awesome wildlife photography, surprize conductor at end. 

We have a shorter issue this time as there is a deadline we want to alert you about.  The deadline to comment of a proposal for the Michigan Civil Rights to define sex" is tomorrow! See more below. 
  We change public policies by changing public knowledge and perceptions.  You may notice as you scan the articles and information that some are submitted by readers, facebook friends, and interested individuals.  Feedback is always welcome by emailing micpac.hughes@gmail.com.   
   Because we receive so much information daily, it is not possible to include everything. We try to include links to some of the most important and interesting  Let's keep the faith and fight, for a free USA and opportunities for our children and grandchildren as we had. 

++ Celebrate Patriot Week this upcoming 9/11 - 9/17.  Patriot Week renews America's spirit by celebrating the first principles, Founding Fathers and other patriots, vital documents, speeches and flags that make America the greatest nation in world history. Co-created in 2009 by  Judge Michael Warren and his then 10-year-old daughter Leah, Patriot Week has captured the imagination and support of citizens across the nation. For more information about events (including Patriot Festival, American Foundations Seminar, movie, runs, Leadership Forum, and others) and how you can participate, visit  www.PatriotWeek.org.

National and Michigan 

Civil Rights Commission to consider "interpretation" of descrimination to include LGBTQQ community.  You can comment here
The Michigan Department of Civil Rights is soliciting public input on the request to add LGBTQQ "rights" on gender identification to Michigan's Civil Rights laws. THrough (5PM?)TOMORROW, Tuesday, August 15, 2017, the Department will accept public comments on the EQMI request at MCRC-Comments@michigan.gov. If you wish to submit public comment in the form of a video in American Sign Language, please upload the video to a web-based video hosting site such as YouTube and send the URL to the video to MCRC-Comments@michigan.gov.  The Commission will address the request at their Sept. 18th meeting in Lansing, Michigan.
   Civil Rights Commission to consider "interpretation" of descrimination to include LGBTQQ "community." After the Legislature has decided numerous times over the last 33 years to not put "sex" (gender identity or sexual "orientation") into the Eliott-Larsen Civil Rights Bill, gay activists are trying to get it through the back door (no pun intended).
   The Michigan Civil Rights Commission is considering a small word with big implications - specifically whether "sex" discrimination language in an existing civil rights law should also guarantee long-sought protections for gay and transgender residents.
   The commission is seeking public feedback through Aug. 15 as it prepares to address a request from Equality Michigan. The advocacy group is asking for an interpretive statement finding it is an unlawful form of sex discriminationto discrimi nate in employment, housing or public accommodations based on an individual's gender identity or sexual orientation.
   "So-called 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity' laws in other states and jurisdictions have proven themselves to be discriminatory and punitive against individuals, churches, and civic organizations which believe as a matter of sincere religious conviction homosexual behavior is wrong," said Glenn, who advocated against same-sex marriage before joining the Legislature.
   To ensure that it is "considering all points of view" on Equality Michigan's request, the commission has asked the Department of Civil Rights to solicit public comments through Aug. 15. Residents interested in weighing in can send emails to MCRC-Comments@michigan.gov.   News Article         
Tell Civil Rights Commission to not redefine Sex. CTV Article        

President Trump on North Korea: Video
++  Radical actions in Va:   White nationalist socialists descended on the city to "take America back" by rallying against plans to remove a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee . A 32 year old paralegal protestor killed by car. Link
  Saturday's chaos erupted as neo-Nazis, skinheads, Ku Klux Klan members and other white supremacist groups arrived for the rally. Counter-protesters were also on hand, and the two sides clashed, with people throwing punches, hurling water bottles and unleashing chemical sprays. Some came prepared for a fight, with body armor and helmets. Videos that ricocheted around the world on social media showed people beating each other with sticks and shields. 
   The violence and deaths in Charlottesville "strike at the heart of American law and justice," Attorney General Jeff Sessions said late Saturday. "When such actions arise from racial bigotry and hatred, they betray our core values and cannot be tolerated."   Article

++ Make no mistake what this is about: 
 "Right now, there is a plan. We have a plan for how to defeat them, and I'm not talking about how to defeat a couple of Nazi's in Charlottesville," an organizer boasted. "I'm talking about how to defeat their whole system. They have military forces, they have a whole mighty power that they unleash on people all over the world. All of that is going to have to be defeated to  uproot this capitalist system that spawned Trump and Pence."  Article
  (Thanks, Shane)

++ Franklin Graham: 'Shame on Politicians' for Blaming Trump -"Really, this boils down to evil in people's hearts," Graham said. "Satan is behind it all. He wants division, he wants unrest, he wants violence and hatred. He's the enemy of peace and unity. I denounce bigotry and racism of every form, be it black, white or any other.  Graham called on the nation to come together and turn to God

   Comment:  We really do not a lot to add. There are comments and opinions numerous and free. And some are really off the mark. Watching ABC's coverage of President Trump's spech todat was nauseating. It wasn't what Trump said, they kept harping on it taking three days for him to say it and how his advisers must have been on him the whole time. We have reached the point of near anarchy. Most of that radicalism isn't for anarchial elimination of government, but an obcession with international totalitarian control. By tearing us apart they hope for a vacuum of power that they will control. Like our own version of ISIS? While the organizations holding the original protest do not express conservative views, they had the right to express themselves. The Nazi and KKK cultures support national socialism, coincidentally, very close to the philosophy of the radical left. Philosophy is not a horse shoe. It is a straight line with totalitarianism on the far left and anarchy on the far left. True conservatism supports minimal government, but an organized social order and rule of law. Antifa and BLM and BAMN have protested continuously for years now, arm-in-arm with communists. The left-wing media idolize and encourage them, and manipulate public opinion favoring their radicalism. Thus, they get a pass and get away with denying others their rights of free speech. President Trump set the right tone and called it as it is. We will have to repel these enemies (both groups actually on the same philosophical side) to assure the rights of peaceful, Constitional citizens. 
Energy - Among God's Blessings
++ Tough Bird!  Actually, this bird got away because the turbine failed - not far from power lines and homes. 
  The 160' A broken wind turbine in Nextera Energy's Tuscola Bay Wind Farm sits idle in a farm field near the intersection of North Gera and Hack Roads in Blumfield Township in the northeast corner of Saginaw County on Tuesday, June 27, 2017. According to Nextera, the turbine broke Monday morning, June 26 and they are going to repair the damage' Link
  Former State Rep. Kevin Daley writes: "Saw this on the way home from Bay City tonight. Does anyone know what happened to this wind turbine just east of m-15 at the Bay and Saginaw county line."
 Will they wait until crops are harvested, or just drive over them with heavy equipment and trucks? As We The People subsidize the failure?

The Tenets of Great Education
We believe it is the privilege and responsibility of the parent to ensure their child is being properly educated and prepared for a productive, fulfilling, life, within our capitalistic constitutional republic.
We defend public education as a legitimate function of LOCAL government.
We believe there is a legitimate role of the State Government in limited oversight duties of local public education, to ensure proper fiduciary attention and a consistency in adhering to any proper State law.
We reject the idea that the Federal Government has - or was intended to have - a role in determining when, how, or what students are to learn. Furthermore, we reject the idea that the Federal Government has been given the constitutional power to return the tax dollars to the citizens with educational mandates attached that impact the learning environment of any local institution. 
A finding of the MCU Education Task Force IV     
  • Teachers do not have to buy school supplies. The Michigan Constitution guarantes they will be provided.
  • FACT: Reducing class sizes to keep facilities and staff has not improved education. 
Show us your support! More resources allow more results. Together we can accomplish great things! 
Dr. Russell Kirk's   
The Conservative Mind  began the modern conservative movement and was the guide Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, Wm.F. Buckley, Jr., and others looked to for clarity and focus on "the permanent things."  
Linked here a
++ Checks and Balances: How the 17th Amendment altered legislative responsibility -  The Seventeenth Amendment because it altered the political process of the way we elect senators. The biggest problem with this amendment is that it trades out stability in our political system for bigger, faster change  which is the opposite of what the founders intended.
   Representatives were elected by districts. The representatives would then elect the two senators who would represent them, and the state, in the upper house. It is important to note that another key aspect of this system provided accountability for the senators. If at any time the representatives felt a senator was not representing the state's interests, the representatives had the ability to impeach and replace them.
   The original way that our senators were elected was far more stable than it is now. The point of electing senators this way was to not force the legislature to bow to the ever-changing minds of the general populous. The population was meant to be represented by representatives and for representatives to choose senators who would represent the state with due diligence.
   The Seventeenth Amendment came about when progressivism and populism were the new popular political ideologies of the time. Woodrow Wilson passed the Seventeenth Amendment in 1913, but Wilson's administration was also the closest thing to fascism America has ever seen. It is theref ore also fitting that Wilson is also regarded as the father to progressivism. MORE  
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