2020 GlobalMindED Conference
June 6-8
Sheraton Denver Downtown
GlobalMindED is a 501(c)(3) innovation network that closes the equity gap through education, entrepreneurship, employment and economic mobility to create a capable, diverse talent pipeline.
Our forefathers had the vision for a democracy for all people, but they did not represent all people. Our nation is the nation of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, but we claimed a country which belonged to the Native Americans and we brought to this country against their will Africans who, if they survived, were denied their basic freedoms as enslaved individuals, the ramifications of which they and we are still suffering today. 

While we have the best democracy in the world, we have major issues that threaten our foundation, a foundation for some and not for all. This Independence Day, let's redefine what our democracy means: we the people, meaning all people not just the rich people, or the straight people, or the able-bodied, or urban elite or Silicon Valley, or the Ivy League legacies or those whose relatives came here on the Mayflower. Inclusive Independence means a new generation of leadership where we are in touch, we collaborate honestly, respectively and authentically instead of competing with reckless abandon and/or imperious self interest that excludes whole groups of people. Let's redefine our democracy to be a nation that carries out the vision of our forefathers in ways that can heal our past and build a future where we are not separated by race, class and gender but realize the best within all of us, collectively and individually, because of it. 
Our best days in America are ahead. 
Here's to Inclusive Independence Day July 4 and every day thereafter.
Reena Patel, First Gen Doctoral Student at the University of South Carolina and 2019 GlobalMindED First Gen Class Alum

What are your aspirations to improve America as we celebrate Independence Day this year? 

My main aspiration is to introduce diversity of thought in as many situations as possible. When having the opportunity to respectfully and ethically disrupt status quo, it is important I present options that are creative and unconventional. For example, when discussing criterion for scholarship applicants, traditional measures must be questioned if we want a fair system. This leads me to an additional aspiration - the courage to speak up against status quo functioning. Courage combined with well thought out plans delivered with respect and passion can move mountains. If not, it is important to persist because a "yes" is naturally there for every time you attempt to make a change.

What are your goals and commitments in your own life as a leader? 

There are two main commitments I have made that I believe are critical for me to be an effective leader. The first one is to stay humble. When experiencing or seeing injustice play out in the world being humble will naturally lead me to sincerely question and appropriately react. This will allow me to create opportunities for others who deserve to have their shot despite the world telling them no. Ultimately, it will ensure my moral compass is guiding me with the basic principle of being a good human being. 

Being humble also requires me to a digestive listener. A leader does not have to be the person with the microphone. It is crucial this microphone is shared to make informed decisions. Furthermore, being completely present when listening to others will magnify what you hear and take away from their voice. 

Overall, my goal is to keep myself accountable in leading a life with a respectable moral compass. 

How did your experience at GlobalMindED this year impact your resolve to make our country and the world a more equitable place? 

I had the privilege of attending the First Generation Student Leadership Program and present at the Idea Cafe while meeting incredible innovators and visionaries that I admire. Each experience and interaction reassured and reignited my passion to expose, educate, and empower our community. 

During the First Generation Student Leadership Program, I was able to meet fellow First Gen students. As a doctoral student with research interests focusing on first-generation college student access and success, I was able to immerse myself in their narratives to inform my understanding of their current world. While scholarly reading is necessary, it is equally important to stay connected to current day experiences from their perspective. My peers were excited, passionate, and genuinely wanting to make the world a better place. Their drive reignited my passion to continue to do my part in helping all of us achieve our goals. GlobalMindED was beautifully rich in the diversity of professions it brought together. I was able to learn from policy makers to CEO's to film makers. The flexibility I have in choosing a career that can still keep my passion to create a more equitable educational system was exciting to learn.
New York City, NY


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Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is pleased to invite colleges and universities to apply for its third Inclusive Excellence competition (IE3). Institutions that receive a $1 million HHMI award will join the current IE community engaged in this work, supporting each other to build institutional capacity for student belonging. The Program Announcement is available as a PDF on the IE3 competition page. All schools that wish to submit a Pre-proposal must indicate their Intent to Apply online, and are encouraged to do so by the end of July. To learn more about the IE3 competition, read our press release or visit the IE3 competition page. 
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