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Most executive recruiters shy away from the term "headhunter" due to the unpleasant connotation attached to the word. This article reveals how today's recruiters work hard to bring candidates and clients together by using best practices and upholding ethical standards.

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Joe Woerner, Managing Director
Redefining Headhunter: The New Executive Recruiter

Long ago, a bad word became associated with the recruiting industry; headhunter. Headhunters were thought to be ruthless, stop at nothing bandits that swooped into unsuspecting companies and stole their best and brightest employees.  The negative image developed when headhunting became so cutthroat that some recruiters would use any means necessary to lure desirable candidates as well as bully clients into placements.  Adverse tactics brought ethical standards into question and led to the stigma attached to the term. 
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