JUNE 2020
Innovation is at the Heart of Feed the Future's Work
Harnessing research and innovation is critical to meeting the global challenges of producing food more efficiently, improving nutrition and helping families who rely on agriculture for a living to be more resilient.

Together with our partners, we have developed and deployed more than 1,000 innovative tools and approaches designed to sustainably reduce global poverty, hunger and malnutrition in the face of complex, dynamic challenges, such as the current pandemic and the desert locust outbreak. We work with U.S. partners across sectors, such as universities , to get innovations into the hands of farmers and agripreneurs abroad and here at home to make a quicker and bigger impact.

These are already paying dividends. From new seeds to educational animations, check out the stories below to learn more about how we are tackling some of the world's greatest challenges by redefining what's possible.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, its serious impacts on food security and nutrition are becoming clearer. Ongoing research efforts aimed at mitigating these impacts are more important now than ever.
New and nutritious biofortified maize seeds have helped solve high malnutrition and stunting rates in Guatemala. They've also proven to
increase yields.
Without access to appropriate storage for their milk, smallholder dairy farmers lose up to 30 percent of their product. But new innovations in storage and communication help farmers in Kenya safely transport their products
to markets.
Education is often limited to those who can read – however, there are still more than 800 million low-literate learners around the world. Animation is helping share best practices to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and boost food security regardless of literacy level.
With Feed the Future's help, 19 fisherwomen are using seaweed farming to increase their families' income and get their children back in school.
More From Our Partners
Life during the COVID-19 pandemic has made business extra difficult for dairy farmers in Bangladesh. A new milk market is helping dairy farmers and businesses weather the pandemic.
Earlier this month, we joined our partners to commemorate the second annual World Food Safety Day. Feed the Future works with partner countries, private companies and everyday citizens to strengthen the ability of food systems to produce and sell nutritious food that is safe for people to consume.
The Millennium Challenge Corporation, a key Feed the Future partner, strengthens land rights for farming families in Morocco while promoting climate-resilient agriculture.
In Case You Missed It
Congratulating the 2020 World Food Prize Laureate
Feed the Future joins partners to congratulate this year's winner of the World Food Prize, Rattan Lal, Ph.D., whose research in the management of soil resources has helped feed a growing and hungry world sustainably.
Feed the Future Innovation Exchange
Feed the Future accelerates innovation uptake by connecting with partners. Interested in using or disseminating our proven innovations? You can now find scale-ready solutions on Feed the Future Innovation Exchange.
COVID-19 Resource Page
For more information, guidance and resources related to Feed the Future's food security and nutrition development response, including the latest Feed the Future fact sheet on COVID-19, please check out the page below.
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Photo Credits: John Healey, Fintrac Inc., Mulugeta Ayene/WLE; Savanna Circuit Technologies; Scientific Animations Without Borders; WorldFish; World Food Prize.
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