June 2020
Due to precautions related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), all programs and activities at Mercer Botanic Gardens, including Mercer's volunteer program, have been canceled through May 31. Although the park will remain open, park visitors are asked to practice social distancing and to avoid crowds.
Rediscover Outdoor Adventure This Summer
If you’ve ever felt stress, tension, and fatigue magically seem to fade away after stepping outside on a beautiful day, you’re not alone.

Research suggests spending time outdoors comes with a variety of health benefits, especially for children. In particular, studies show children who spend more time outdoors have lower rates of childhood obesity, diabetes, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders.

Unfortunately, a loss of natural outdoor play spaces, increased time with electronic media, and even a desire to keep children safe may mean children and families are spending less time outdoors than ever before.

At Mercer Botanic Gardens, we’re dedicated to getting families outside to rediscover nature and the outdoors together. Let’s explore what outdoor activities can do for you and your family.

Summer Internships And Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want a future in horticulture or botany?

Take the first step by applying for Mercer Botanical Center’s paid summer internship program or becoming a botanical center volunteer.

Learn how to maintain a herbarium or study conservation in the field under Mercer’s botanists and plant experts. Mercer has several opportunities available for students or volunteers who want to take their interest in plants to the next level.

Contact Suzzanne Chapman at schapman@hcp4.net or call 713-274-4200 for more information.
Five Vacation Plant Care Tips to Keep Plants Healthy This Summer

For most gardeners, there’s nothing worse than coming home from a relaxing vacation to a yard full of dying plants.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to protect your garden and potted plants before heading out on your great adventure.

From Ziploc bags to kiddie pools to ice cubes, our experts offer a variety of vacation plant care hacks so you can focus on what really matters – quality time with family and friends.

Flower Fun Fact

The Juliet rose is the most expensive rose ever created. Famed rose breeder David Austin spent about $5 million and 15 years perfecting this rose before introducing it in 2006 at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Although it doesn’t cost millions to own, the flowers of this apricot beauty still command a high price in wedding bouquets or cut flower arrangements. 

The Mercer Society offers a variety of David Austin roses. Look for them at the next plant sale on June 13.

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Message From Commissioner R. Jack Cagle

Thank you for reading this edition of Leaflet. I hope you learned something new about the services, activities, and programs Mercer offers to the community. Our parks provide educational and recreational opportunities as well as environmental benefits, such as cleaner air and reduced flood risk.

Dedicated park-lovers like you make Mercer the beautiful park it is today. Since opening with only 14 acres, Mercer now boasts more than 300 acres that serve our growing community. As your county commissioner, I’m so very proud of the work your Precinct 4 staff and volunteers perform every day to improve access to greenspaces, such as Mercer. We pledge to continue this service in the future.

Please stay tuned for our next issue to learn more about Mercer events, activities, and news!